Microsoft monitor malicious Android apps before porting them to Windows

Microsoft in the recent Build developers conference, announced that Android and iOS apps are going to be compatible with Windows platform. Microsoft has put first step towards in making Windows a development target for Android and iOS developers and as a result the company has allowed the app developers to port Android and iOS platform apps to Windows using new tools. This makes easy for the developers to develop the already existing Android and iOS apps to the Windows platform, but this has a shortfall.


The tools that Microsoft has promised to provide to the developers will save time and at the same time it raises security concerns too. To mitigate these concerns, Microsoft has planned to build a team of researchers, who will actively monitor the apps which are ported to Windows platform, based on the user’s feedback. If any app gets negative feedback from the users, then make sure that these apps either do not make it to the store, or if they have any security issues then these apps are removed from the Windows store.

It is know fact that there are lot of malicious Android apps in the Google Play Store, so Microsoft is dealing this subject so carefully to prevent the malicious apps entering Windows store. Regarding this, Microsoft, said at Build on Project Astoria that,

With user’s permission, our monitoring systems look at the malicious behavior from apps. Users have a direct channel to Microsoft to report malicious behavior in any app and we deployed a team of researchers who is monitoring our devices and Android ecosystem to identify latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Actually Windows store lacks number of apps and Microsoft is tackling this problem by porting Android apps to the Windows platform. As Windows Phone covers small market share, developers hesitate to build their apps. Microsoft said that, porting an Android app to the Windows platform is now very easier, because most of the code can be reused with minor changes.

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