Microsoft announces The general availability of Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault helps to protect the cryptographic keys and secrets used by the cloud apps and services. Key Vault let you to encrypt your keys and secrets like authentication keys, data encryption keys, PFX files, passwords and more by using the keys that are protected by Hardware Security Modules. Key Vault streamlines the key management process and allow you to take the control of keys that access and encrypt your data.

Microsoft has announced today regarding the general availability of the Azure Key Vault service and is backed by standard Azure Service Level Agreement and Azure support plan.



  • More Regions: Microsoft has increased the number of regions by double since the preview.
  • More API platforms: For the .NET developers, Microsoft has released a set of NuGet packages.
  • More Operating Systems: You can manage your key vaults from Linux and OS X with Azure CLI. Powershell cmdlets are also now complete.
  • Azure Storage client side encryption.
  • Azure Virtual Machine certificates.
  • Azure Disk Encryption Management for Windows and Linux VMs.
  • Brocade Virtual Traffic manager.
  • CloudLink SecureVM which is now part of EMC
  • SQL Server transparent database encryption.

Dan Plastina, has said that “You can now use Azure Vault service in your production deployments which means that we’re now backed by the standard Azure Service level agreement and Azure support plan”.

Amit, from the Azure team has described each of the above in detail.

  • Encrypt the data before placing it in the Azure storage.
  • Improve the security of your Azure Virtual machine with just-in-time certificate provisioning.
  • Simplify certificate management of Azure VMs.
  • Enhance the hygiene of secrets used in your line-of-business applications.
  • Encrypt both your OS and Data volumes on both Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Protect the SSL keys used in our partner Brocade’s Virtual Traffic manager.

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