Microsoft announces preview program for new features

Recently there is a new from Microsoft that it is going to migrate its mail service into Outlook 365 environment and now these new features are going to roll out to the limited customers. But Microsoft is planning to make available these enhancements to all the users though the opt-in program in near future.


Let us see here what are the features you will get with the preview program.

  • The preview version will feature clutter which help you to manage your inbox and view the important emails first. If you place any emails in the clutter folder, then system will learn your priorities and function accordingly.
  • Search functionality is improved and the additional tools help you to easily navigate through the inbox and other folders to find out easily what you are looking for.
  • New themes were added to customize your email environment to move away from the plain looking interface.
  • If you paste any link containing media into an email, you can view the preview including videos and web pages.
  • Copy and paste the images in you email body to place them exactly when you want them to be.
  • Reading and composition popup boxes are similar to Outlook desktop application.
  • Pin selected emails to top of your inbox for later action.
  • News add-ins are available such as Uber, PayPal and Boomerang in additions to the plug-ins already available on

Few other additions are also coming to the inbox with this transition.

  • Skype is integrated into which let you to carry on the conversations over video, voice and Instant Messaging.
  • Improved OneDrive sharing to share the links easily to the cloud based files without need to send out an email with attachments.
  • View the shared documents from OneDrive in an email brings the item up right next to email to let you to view and edit them easily on the go. Once after done, the changes are saved to original document on OneDrive.

Outlook calendar feature is improved to allow easy management of the shared calendars and new collapsible side panels, so you can access the info which you need to stay on the track. If you want to give any feedback or suggestions, then you can do it in OutlookUserVoice page.

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