Latest OS Data shows gain for Windows 8.1, Windows 7 still the most popular

Unlike the report for December 2014, Windows 8.1 has shown some improvement in terms of the percentage of users using the latest stable operating system from the house of Tech Giant Microsoft.

According to the latest report, which showcases the data for the month of January 2015, the percentage of users using Windows 8.1 grew to 10.04% from 9.49% in December 2014. This shows the gain for the latest Microsoft Operating System, however the report shows that Windows XP is still the second most popular operating system for the PCs.

Net Applications, an independent agency which determines the data by tracking the users visiting various websites controlled by the agency, publishes a report every month showing the data of users using various operating systems.

Although Windows 8.1 share goes slightly above the one in December 2014, Windows 8 seems to be losing the ground. The latest report shows the share of Windows 8 users going down from 4.04% to 3.79% in January 2015.

Not to anyone’s surprise, Windows 7 seems to be the one ruling the markets, however, the percent share went a little down as compared to the data which came after December 2014. In January 2015, 55.92% of the users used the Windows 7, down from 56.26% in the month of December 2014.

Windows OS data January 2015

Windows XP market-share also experienced some rise from 18.26% to 18.93% in January 2015 and the operating systems launched before that had a marketshare of mere 0.05%, down from 0.06% in December 2014.

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