How to restrict users from accessing NTFS partitions in Windows

If your PC is used by many users then you will like to restrict other users from accessing your files, folder, settings and partitions. In such cases File system preferences are the better way to protect the Windows partitions from unauthorized access. So here we will show how to restrict other local Windows accounts from accessing the NTFS partitions. Before blocking the users from accessing the NTFS partitions, let use know about the rights.

  • Full Control: Full control will allow the users to read, write, execute, modify, delete, add files and folders almost everything on the PC. This will be given to the admin users.
  • Modify: Modify level offers the permission to read, write, delete and modify files and folders.
  • Read and Execute: Read and Execute will allow the user to execute and read any file and folder, but they can’t modify or delete the files and folders.
  • List folder contents: Allow the users to only view and list the contents in specified folders, but users cannot view or execute individual files.
  • Read: Users are allowed only to view and list all the files and folders in directory.
  • Write: Users with the write permission can create or write the information into the files and folders but they are not allowed to view any existing information.

How to restrict users from accessing NTFS partitions in Windows

  • Launch Windows Explorer by pressing Win+E keys and right click on the drive which you want to limit the access and select properties from the options.



  • This will open properties window and here click on security tab.
  • Click on Edit button to change the permissions.
  • This will open permissions window check whether the username which you want to restrict is listed under Groups or username section. If it is not there then click on Add button to add the user to the list.
  • In the next window enter the username of the user which you want to restrict and click on check names button to turn it into the actual name and then click on Ok.
  • This will add the user account to Groups or usernames list and by default this user has read, list folder and Read & Execute permissions and you can even add more permissions to that user.


  • If you want to restrict the user from accessing the selected partitions completely, then select the username and check all the Deny boxes and then click on Apply and OK.

From now you can’t access the restricted partitions. Whenever the blocked users try to access the partition then he will get the error message like below.


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