How to check sports scores on Microsoft Band

With the introduction of Microsoft Band it has become very convenient to check the messages and notifications right from your wrist. Now you can check the sports scores without turning on your phone using the Band Sports Tile for Microsoft Band. For this you need to install Band Sports Tile app on Windows Phone and set your favorite sport and team to get the scores of respective team and sport. After installing you can find that a new tile has been added to your Microsoft Band on which you can check for the scores anytime.

How to check sports scores on Microsoft Band

  • After installing Band Sports Tile app on your Windows Phone, launch it and it asks you to select up to 5 of your favorite teams from NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. For now only these leagues are supported and we hope more leagues will be added in future.
  • If none of the teams you selected are playing, then it displays the scores from your preferred league. After selecting the favorite teams and leagues, you can choose to display up to 6 icons on the Band.


Scores are scheduled to update for every 30 minutes in the background, but you are allowed to manually refresh from Windows Phone app. Once the tile is installed on Band, you don’t need to use the app on phone, unless you need to re-install the Tile on the Microsoft Band, to reset your favorite teams on if you want to refresh the scores manually.

To disable or enable an alert whenever the scores were updates, you can do it under the Extras menu. This will push a notification on to the Microsoft Band. Band Sports Tile is can be downloaded for free from Windows Store without ads or any in-app purchases.

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