How to backup contacts and messages to SD card on Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has launched a Contacts + Message Backup utility application for Windows Phone recently which is a settings app that allows the Windows Phone users to take the backup of all the contacts and messages in the device. This utility allows the Windows Phone users to save their existing contacts in the VCF format and messages in the XML format on the SD card. If you wish this backed up can be restored later on your Windows Phone.

How to backup contacts and messages to SD card on Windows Phone 8.1


  • First you need to download Contacts + message backup application and install it on your Windows Phone.
  • After installing, the app doesn’t show up in the apps list on your phone. For this you need to go to Settings and find Contacts + Message backup option.
  • Now launch the Contacts + Message backup application and the landing page comes with two options backup and restore. You can choose any option based on your requirement. If you are backing up for the first time then tap on backup option and if you want to restore the already backed up data then tap on restore option.


  • Now in the backup page, check the options which you would like to take the backup of. Select one or more options from the following options – Contacts, SMS and MMS. After selecting tap on the backup option and backup process will start and it will display a progress bar displaying the status. This will take few seconds depending on number of contacts and messages your device is having and wait for the process to complete. If you want to quit in the middle, then tap on stop option.
  • Newly created backup will be labelled with current timestamp and stored in backup + restore folder on your SD card. To view this backed up files you can use Files app.


Above process is how to backup the contacts and messages on your Windows Phone and here is how to restore them back on to your device.

  • Launch Contacts + Message backup app from the settings menu and in the landing page, tap on restore option which launches the Restore page.


  • By default, the last backed up files will be displayed in the contacts and messages section of the restore page. The dropdown will holds all the previous versions of backed up data and you can choose from the files which you want to restore. Sometimes you will get a cautionary message which tells that you cannot rollback.
  • After choosing the required backup files, tap on the restore button, which starts restoring the selected data. Restoring time will take more than back up time.

That’s it, this is how to backup and restore the contacts and messages on Windows Phone.

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