Download Windows 10 themes & Wallpapers for Windows 7

The fuss around Windows 10 has been going around for a while now and the new expected operating system has received some great response from the users who have installed the latest release (known as the technical preview of Windows 10).

In this post, I will be sharing some great themes based on the visual style of Windows 10 for Windows 7. You can download the Windows 10 themes for Windows 7 and install them on your computer running on Windows 7. The themes are very much creative and will give you the feel of the latest operating system which is just rumored.

Windows 10 theme for Windows 7

Download Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7 (by sagorpirbd)
Download Windows 10 Technical Preview Theme for Windows 7 (by mare-m)

The themes given above have been designed by 2 of the most popular and most experienced developers who have been developing several apps over the years. The themes will make your home screen and the user interface look exactly like the Windows 10. If you are not yet aware of the process to install the third party themes on Windows 7, then have a look at the steps below

  • The themes will come with an exe file. If you do not see an exe file, simply extract the zip file which you get and you will see the exe file.
  • Right click on the exe file to open the installation wizard. Follow the on screen commands to install the third party app on Windows 7 and experience the creative UI and functionality of the theme.

Along with the theme files, the theme packages mentioned about have a lot of other awesome content like wallpaper and windows logo customization, customization for the welcome screen and a lot of other small yet important data. So just install the theme on your Windows 7 device and experience the new unique interface of Windows 10

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