5 biggest announcements from Build 2017, Day 1

Microsoft kickstarted its flagship annual event in a grand fashion on May 10th. Though there were not many big announcements like the previous years, it still had quite a fe important things. Microsoft announced the latest figures in terms of number as well as the new features of Cortana etc. We are listing 5 of the biggest announcements Microsoft made on their inaugural day of Build 2017

  1. Improved Cortana : Microsoft has been testing new features within Cortana since a bit of time and it officially made it available to the developers and users at Build 2017. Cortana has got some great features and developers will now be able to use them to develop some cool things. Microsoft has launched a list of 46 skills, which could be used by developers to build things around the personal assistant from Microsoft.
  2. Monthly active Cortana users : At build 2017, Microsoft announced that over 141 million users are actively using Cortana. By active, Microsoft counted the people who used it at least once a month. Any interaction happening with Cortana is counted as usage and Microsoft did not give detailed analysis on how many users schedule tasks using Cortana or how many give verbal commands.
  3. Half a billion Windows 10 users : Microsoft announced that the latest operating system is now being used by over 500 million users. This number includes the number of users using Windows 10 enabled PCs and Laptops, aXbox, HoloLens and Windows 10 mobile.
  4. Improved and more capable Microsoft Azure : Microsoft has launched a revamped version of Azure app for iOS and Android. The new app lets users monitor their web apps and other activities on the go, using a command line interface. This is being considered as a significant step for the developers as they can keep a track of their progress on the go.
  5. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac : Microsoft also announced the support of its integrated development environment (IDE) for multi platform. Also, the latest features and revamped version of Visual Studio will be available for Mac users.

Although Build 2017 lacked any huge announcement, Microsoft has made some significant changes, specially to the developers network. We might have more announcement to come tomorrow, stay tuned. 🙂

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