How to share Xbox One games with the family with multiple consoles

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It is not uncommon to have several consoles in the same family. One for the kids and one for the parents. With this in mind, Xbox one has introduced the game sharing feature. This feature allows parents to avoid buying multiple copies of games and paying twice. Microsoft accounts have strong family features that cover all PCs, and Xbox allows parents to monitor their children’s activities. However, sharing games is slightly different. This guide will give you an overview of how to share Xbox One games with the family across multiple consoles.

Microsoft allows you to mark your main console as My Home Xbox. When you connect to a new console, it is automatically set as Home Xbox. We will learn how to use this feature to share games.

When you purchase content or games on My Home Xbox, you can share games and other downloadable content from the store with anyone who connects to this console. It’s comparable to the PC experience. Plus, you can also share your Xbox Live Gold subscription with family members who connect to the same console.

Before moving to a multi-console scenario, we should learn how to configure your main console as My personal Xbox.

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  2. Select System > Settings > Customization , then select My Home Xbox.
  3. Read what he says, then select Make this my home Xbox to use the console as your personal Xbox.

NoteYou cannot specify more than one Xbox as your personal Xbox. You can share purchased games and gold with other users only on your Xbox at home.

Scenario with several consoles

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This is the tricky part. Even if the kids are part of your family group, they can’t receive Xbox Live Gold or download the same game you already bought into their account. This is only possible on the main console which is your Xbox My home here. What do you say?

With the Xbox system, you can also connect to another console and download and play purchased games. You can even play multiplayer if you have Xbox Live Gold. That is why you have two consoles so that your children can have their own time and you are not disturbed. So, to pass on the benefits to your children, here’s what you do:

  • Add them to your family account and set them up first.
  • Remove your console as My personal Xbox
  • Then, make your children your personal Xbox . This ensures that they get all the benefits of your account and that you always have total control.

Now you can still enjoy all the benefits on your console, and share Xbox One games with your family, and they get the same benefits as you.


However, here is a small warning. Any purchase you make must be made through your account on your child’s console. If you buy from your secondary console, they cannot use it.

Second, if one of your friends signs with his account in your console, which is not primary, he will not be able to play games installed on this console, unless he owns them. Instead, they are asked to load the disc or buy a digital copy.

That is, if you want someone to experience a game, except multiplayer, there are two ways to do it. First, the person will let you use your account or you can use the Guest Account feature on Xbox. This way you can create a temporary account and let the person play and live games. More details will be announced soon.

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