Windows detected hd problem message

Windows 10 Error Reporting: “Windows detected a hard disk problem” Fix

Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows R+ logo key. Then type gpedit. behind Go to Administrative Templates > System > Troubleshooting and Diagnostics > Hard Drive Diagnostics. Check and uncheck the box, click OK.

Solution #1: Use a system check file.
Solution #2 – Run Chkdsk No. 3:
Solution Check hard disk bad sectors with DiskGenius Free Edition.
Solution #4: Contact your hard drive or contact support to find a professional repair center.

Use the file system checker to fix the hard drive error. Provides Windows with some basic error fixing tools such as System File Checker.
Run CHKDSK Fix for hard drive problem.
Use partition manager software to check and fix disk/disk errors.

Computer disaster preparedness has taken a new turn with Windows 10. Gone are the days when you get caught by an awkward situation like a failing hard drive. Windows slowly but surely developed a system for recovery so that you can backup your hard drive before it completely goes dead. It flashes a message on-screen that says “Windows detected a hard disk problem” to help you backup your files before repairs.
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How To: Fully Disable Windows 10 Activity History

Windows 10 collects a history of what you have done, including the files you have opened and the web pages you have viewed in Edge. You can disable this function and delete activities from the Task view. The Timeline has been added with the April 2018 update of Windows 10. It can synchronize your activities between your PCs, but you must enable the synchronization function. By default, Windows stores your activity history on your own PC.

The Windows 10 Timeline helps you access activities you have edited in the past, but if the function does not suit you, you can disable it. read more

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