Windows Installer works under Windows 10

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You may receive a message that the Windows Installer service is not available. This usually happens when the Windows Installer core is corrupted, installed incorrectly, or disabled. You must either fix the corruption, restore or activate the configuration.

Reset the Windows Installer service registry.
Manually start the Windows Installer service.
Re-register the Microsoft Installer service.
Use the regsvr32 command.
Use the SFC and dism commands.
Remove the old version of the program you want to install.

In the Start Search section, enter services. msc and press Enter.
Locate the Windows Installer service.
Right-click it and select Properties.
Make sure the Startup Type is Automatic and the Service Status is Started. If it is stopped, click the “Start” button.
Click OK or Apply.


Windows Installer is a central service that manages the installation of everything under Windows, including applications, features and many other things. If for any reason it breaks, you will be blocked with new installations and even application updates. In this article, we will publish a list of error codes – and their solutions, some of which refer to our existing solution – and how to solve them.

Windows Installer does not work

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Install and uninstall the Troubleshooting program

The first thing we suggest is to install and uninstall the program to resolve problems blocking installation or removal of the program due to corrupted registry keys. This program fixes corrupted registry keys on 64-bit operating systems that control update data, problems that prevent existing programs from being completely uninstalled or updated, and problems that prevent you from uninstalling a program using Add or Remove Programs (or programs and features) in the Control Panel

Start the Windows Installer service

  • At the command prompt, type Run , then press Enter.
  • If you get the Windows Installer window that tells you everything about MSIExec, then everything is fine.
  • If you receive an error, you may have to start it manually.
  • Right-click the task bar and select Task Manager. Go to Services and search msiserver. Launch it.
  • You can also run services.msc to open Windows services and switch and restart the Windows installer.

The Windows Installer service could not be accessed

This usually occurs when the Windows Installer engine is corrupted, improperly installed or disabled. You must either repair the damage or configuration or activate it. The linked message also solves the problem where the Windows Installer service could not start and returns the message as Error 5, Access denied.

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package

If the Windows Installer package encounters unstable network access during the uninstall or installation process, the error may sometimes occur if you are unable to complete the process. The error message could be as follows: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this installation could not be executed. Contact your support staff or package provider.

Windows Installer continues to reappear

Normally, Windows Installer or m runs in the background. You can register under the list of running processes in the Task Manager. However, if you see it running all the time, and the installer comes back from time to time, it means that it is stuck. It is possible that an installation cannot be completed, which may result.

The installation package could not be opened

If you cannot install the software you just downloaded from the Internet and the error message The installation package could not open, this is probably a security issue. Windows blocks many time applications that you download from the Internet because it does not trust them. You may need to unlock or disable your antivirus program to repair it.

Re-register Windows Installer service

If nothing works, in our experience, it is better to re-register Windows Installer service. The reason it works well is that it also fixes recording problems and makes the basic settings ready for use again.

Run the command prompt with administrator rights. Enter the following commands and press Enter after each command.

%windir%system32msiexec.exe /log off %windir%system32msiexec.exe /regserver %windir%syswow64msiexec.exe /log off %windir%syswow64msiexec.exe /log off %windir%syswow64msiexec.exe /regserver

Close the command prompt, save all your work and restart your computer.

Check if you have any problems with the Windows installation program.

The Windows operating system maintains a Windows Installer cache. All files you install are temporarily extracted here and then installed on the PC. If you delete files manually or during installation, or if another program does, you will receive an error message.

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