Windows Boot Time Calculator

Windows Boot Time Calculator

What It Is:
The Windows Boot Time Calculator is a simple tool designed to provide an estimated time it takes for your Windows PC to boot up. This estimate is based on key hardware specifications like CPU speed, amount of RAM, and the type of disk drive you have.

How to Use:

  1. Enter CPU Speed: Input the speed of your CPU in gigahertz (GHz). You can find this information in your computer’s system properties.
  2. Enter RAM: Specify the total amount of RAM in your computer in gigabytes (GB). This information is also available in your system properties.
  3. Select Disk Type: Choose the type of primary disk drive in your computer – either HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive).
  4. Calculate: Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get an estimated boot time.
  5. View Results: The estimated boot time, in seconds, will be displayed below the button.

Please Note:

  • This calculator provides an estimated time, not an exact measure.
  • Boot time can be affected by various factors including background processes, startup programs, and overall system health.

Use this tool to get a general idea of how different hardware components can impact the time it takes for your Windows PC to start.


BootRacer is a software tool designed to test and analyze the boot time of a Windows operating system. It measures the time taken for Windows to start up and records this data in a history database, allowing users to track changes in boot times, particularly after installing new programs.

Key features include:

Real-Time Measurement: BootRacer offers a realistic measurement of the time it takes for a computer to reach the Windows desktop, providing a countdown to when the PC will be ready for use.

Exclusion of Password Timeout: It excludes the time taken for user password input from the total boot time, focusing on the actual Windows boot process.

Boot Speed Contest: Users can share their boot time results directly from the application to the BootRacer website for contests.

Compatibility: BootRacer works with various versions of Windows (from Windows 2000 to Windows 8, including both 32 and 64-bit systems).

Minimal System Requirements: It requires about 8 MB of disk space and has memory requirements similar to the operating system.

Easy to Use: The process involves installing the software, starting a boot time test, and restarting the computer.

Analysis Tools: Users can view their boot time history, export data in multiple formats, and customize settings.

Free for Non-Commercial Use: BootRacer is free for personal use, with different licensing options available for commercial use.

Technical Support: Greatis Software, the developer of BootRacer, offers support and regular updates, including bug fixes and compatibility with new Windows versions.

Enterprise Edition: A special version for corporate environments with advanced features like database integration and system information collection.

You can download it here.

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