Windows 10 hard disk management does not work

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If some system files are missing or corrupted on your computer, Windows 10 Disk Management may also not work. In this case, you can run the System File Checker (SFC) to scan all protected system files and replace the incorrect versions with the correct Microsoft versions.

If Disk Management won’t load, you might have a file corruption issue. But it takes too long to open the app, please check if the hard drive is working properly. To resolve this issue, try running the Windows command line tool to check for possible errors.

Re-enable the missing drive in Disk Management.
Reconnect the external hard drive.
Format the drive.
Check the status of the hard drive.
Update the driver.
Refresh windows.
Reinstall the USB controllers so that the second hard drive becomes recognizable.


Windows 10 Disk Management is an integrated function that provides a user interface for hard disk partition management for PC administrators. Often you need to resize, merge or reduce the hard disk partition and so on. This is where the disk management tool comes in. Since the command line interface can be confusing and risky for the same thing, it becomes a big problem if this tool stops working. We have seen reports that Windows 10 Disk Management does not work, does not load or does not respond, and in this post, we will share possible solutions for the same thing.

Windows 10 Disk Management does not work

We have suggested some methods to solve the problem. Please see which one helps you. For all this, you need administrator rights.

Restart the affected disk management service

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Press Win + R and enter services.msc. Press Enter. He may ask for administrative fees. This opens Windows Service Manager.

In the list of services, scroll down to the service Virtual Disk. Double-click to open it, then select Automatic. Click Apply and OK again to save the status. You can also click the Start button to start the service if it has not yet started. This service provides disk, volume, file system and storage matrix management services.

Save all your work and restart your PC. Check if you can now open the disk management tool.

If it does not help, system files may be corrupted and you may need to replace them with good OS files.

Using SFC Scannow or DISM Scan

System File Scanning in Safe Mode is a very popular built-in tool that you can use from time to time if your PC has multiple problems. It can repair damaged system files on your PC and restore health.

If the SFC command does not work, you can run the DISM tool, which can also restore the PC status.

Use Diskpart & Fsutil

If unfortunately nothing works for you, you can try the command line tools diskpart & fsutil, but only if you know what you are doing or ask someone who can do it for you. FSUtil and Disk Part are powerful, but not for the inexperienced Windows user. Be careful, please.

The Disk Part Utility can do everything the disk management console can do, and more! It is invaluable for writers or anyone who prefers to simply work at the command prompt.

Among other things, you can use the disc part to do the following :

  • Convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk
  • Converts a dynamic disk to a basic disk.
  • Create a partition with an explicit disk shift.
  • Delete missing dynamic disks.

SID (Security Identifier) and perform other complex tasks.

Use third-party free software

If nothing works for you, you can use the free Partition Manager software. They offer an easy-to-use interface and can make your job easier.

Best wishes!

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