Windows 10 Case Creators Update Issues and Problems Reported

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Some users who upgraded their PC to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Creators Update or Windows 10 Fall Creators Update reported several random problems. The actual number may be very small, but we list a few in our comments and in the Reddit & Microsoft Answers forum.

Problems with Windows 10 after upgrading to a new version

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While my upgrade experience as such went smoothly, I first had two problems on my Windows 10 Pro Dell laptop:

  1. I did not have Internet access after upgrading
  2. My power options were missing in the Start menu.

Let’s see other random reactions :

Said Rockstarrocks:

The guys aren’t downloading it yet, it’s not stable enough to be reliable yet. Since yesterday evening I have two BSODs (stop code: reference by pointer), sometimes the touchpad buttons do not work, the start menu does not display all programs (dell audio in my case, drivers and software are installed for them), Cortana is buggy like hell.


manojkashayp had a similar experience :

My zte ac 2766CDMA USB modem does not work after upgrading to Windows 10, there is error 633 Please help me, this is only an internet connection I have.


CornedBeefAssassin said about Microsoft’s responses :

Windows seems to forget how to manage memory because after installing the update, after restarting the computer and monitoring processes, I saw that the memory was full, a diagnosis showed that the sticks were correct. I love the new update and hate the errors I had to reset.


Led Iash78:

I recently updated to version 1703. DTS Connect no longer works. Realtek HD Audio (ALC1150). I already tried to reinstall the realtek driver.


JoeRusso on Reddit said:

The mouse does not work in full screen applications with a lower resolution. I always see a cursor before the application starts and I can move it for the first 1 to 2 seconds, then it stops responding. The mouse buttons work, but not the movement. My PC won’t shut down. The restart button works fine, but after clicking the stop button, it turns off and I have a black screen, but my PC is still on.


In the case of jmmillcreek, Windows made an error in calculating available disk space:

Creator update error 0x80070070 I don’t have enough open memory on 182gb.


Golfstud said that the slide show on the wallpaper and parent folder does not work:

…With CU, selecting this parent folder only displays one image in the background and never changes. With CU, I have to select a subfolder and only the images in that folder are displayed – they change through that folder.


tomboy24151 had problems with Edge:

When I downloaded the Creators, the Edge hub stopped working. I can’t save to my favorites or see my favorites when I click on the hub, it freezes the edge and the only thing I can do is x out of it.


Paul Streeting says:

The unusual part that some will find is a whiteout in the start menu for’Wireless Display Media Adapter’ for those lucky enough to have one, but otherwise it remains empty, except for a white square… ;


Arm3n says :

Hello, with Build 15063. 11 yesterday, and found that some of my boot shortcuts failed from C : Users USERNAME AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup nor via services (using the nssm tool). I made sure that every shortcut and every underlying application.

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