What is winrmsrv.exe? Is it a Virus? Is it Safe?

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Winrmsrv.exe is a background process that users can run on their Windows computers immediately after opening the Task Manager. The executable was developed by Microsoft Corporation and is usually located in the C: \ Windows \ system32 . Despite this, many users [1] complained that their firewall blocked the incoming connection of Winrmsrv.exe – it asks for permission to collect information. Since the developer is represented as Microsoft, users are unsure whether the file is legitimate or not.

The truth is that Winrmsrv.exe could be a harmless or Trojan horse that acts as cryptocurrency mining malware on the affected device. Users who encounter a firewall request should immediately disconnect the connection. However, if Winrmsrv.exe is already running in the background and causing system delays or other problems, it is recommended to take time and make sure that the file is not associated with malware.

Is it safe to run Winrmsrv.exe? Is it viruses or malware?

Check the location of this exe file to see if it is legitimate software or a virus. The location of this file and the danger warning:

File location / rating: 81% danger

To check if the executable file is legitimate, you can run the Task Manager. Then click the column box and add the verified signer as one of the columns.

Now look at the verified signer value for the winrmsrv.exe process. If it says “Unavailable”, it is probably a virus.

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  • File name: winrmsrv.exe
  • Software developer: Microsoft
  • File location: 81% unsafe
  • Software: Microsoft Windows operating system

How does winrmsrv.exe spread?

Winrmsrv.exe as a malicious object is never chosen by users, and this type of threat often infiltrates target computers through some free or shareware installer packages, visiting malicious websites or not. In all of these cases, users never find out about the malicious conditions before they interact/install. However, once they encounter problems accessing their system, they end up justifying that something is wrong. As a result, the system reports problems. If you are such a victim and are looking for effective measures to solve the problems, we recommend you to read the described recommendations or methods.

How to remove or uninstall winrmsrv.exe

To remove winrmsrv.exe from your computer, follow these steps one by one. This will remove winrmsrv.exe if it was part of the software installed on your computer.

  • If the file is part of the software, it also includes the uninstaller. Then you can run the uninstall program, which is located in a directory such as C: Programs> Microsoft> Microsoft Windows Operating System> winrmsrv> winrmsrv.exe_uninstall.exe.
  • Or the file winrmsrv.exe was installed with the Windows Installer and then uninstalled. Go to System Preferences and open the Software option.
  • Then search for winrmsrv.exe or Microsoft Windows operating system software name in the search bar or try Microsoft developer name.
  • Then click on it and select the Uninstall Program option to remove winrmsrv.exe from your computer. The Microsoft Windows operating system software will be removed from your computer along with the winrmsrv.exe file.

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