What Is Gstatic, is it a Virus?

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There have been many reports of users who have noticed “Gstatic.com” in their browser, and some reports of users who have been redirected from “Gstatic” to their browser. In this article, we will inform you about the functionality of this domain and its security.

What is Gstatic?

Gstatic is a legitimate Google service that reduces bandwidth usage and improves network performance. For more information, click here. Loading website content (Google services such as Google Maps, Gmail, etc.) via gstatic.com is normal, but in some cases it is used by cybercriminals to promote malware and fraud. If you frequently encounter pop-up windows that open with gstatic.com, your computer is likely to be infected with adware (or other malware).

What is the purpose of Gstatic?

Google has moved static content (JavaScript code, images and CSS) to another domain name to reduce bandwidth usage and increase network performance for the end user.

Increases performance by theoretically increasing the number of connections the browser can use, by default, most browsers will only connect twice to a single server. Although this is configurable, most users are not bothered by it, so content comes from multiple domains and two connections can be opened for each domain used by the site. This speeds up the loading of content into the user’s browser.

Reduces bandwidth by disabling cookies and other HTTP headers for the gstatic.com domain. Believe it or not, deactivating headers significantly reduces bandwidth usage, especially if a page uses many static files.

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Static content can be transferred to geographically different CDN servers. Google can move all the content to the servers closest to you. It is more likely to apply to a normal corporate website, because Google does an excellent job of bringing everything to a data center near you. But for a normal business, you could split your dynamic content and static content, then pay a CDN provider to host your static content, reducing your data center bandwidth usage while improving your users’ loading times.

Is Gstatic a virus?

Gstatic is not a virus and is a domain used by Google to host various static content such as images, CSS or JavaScript). Domain activity is secure and should not be considered dangerous because it reduces network speed for users and reduces overall bandwidth.

The idea that it could potentially be malicious comes from the experience of many users when they briefly see sub-domains such as connectivitycheck.gstatic.com, ssl.gstatic.com or advertising on Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or other browser.

This behavior is typical of adware – infected people can see multiple redirections to different domains and find themselves on suspicious pages that display pop-ups, text links, pop-under, blinking windows, offers, deals and other sponsored ads. However, Gstatic has nothing to do with advertising-funded software. If your browser redirects you to intrusive advertising pages, you may have installed an ad program, but it is not linked to Gstatic.

However, some users were concerned that some of their subdomains, such as csi.gstatic.com, might not be used for static content delivery, but rather for internal registration of any kind, such as in Google Analytics. In such cases, users can wait up to 30 seconds to access the content of their choice.


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