Tips to avoid Crapware and Bloatware on your Windows PC

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Many people have an excess of crapware and bloatware on their Windows computers in different shapes and sizes, from tedious toolbars to trial versions of software. Usually these people don’t know where and how all this extra unwanted software gets on their computers. Unfortunately, crawlers are common on Windows computers and it is very difficult to uninstall most of them from your Windows PC.

Avoid Crapware & Bloatware

You may be able to be inflated by your computer, but there are even some who hide from the list of installed programs and refuse to leave your PC without a fight. That’s why it’s essential for people who want their computer to run at peak performance to learn how to keep it clean.

The most common and dangerous type of flatulence: Installers

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Most installers today have promoted the software as an option to install with their program. Internet toolbars are generally sponsored software. You’ve probably seen this thing called Babylon Search before, right? It is this deadly software that forced your homepage to be placed on your search engine. It usually comes with a toolbar, and most people don’t want one either.

Some of you have the bad habit of quickly clicking Next through an installation. You shouldn’t keep doing this because you don’t know what you’re accepting. Many installers have a checkbox to confirm that you want to install it with it, but it is very likely that they will ignore it and continue. The thing is, these boxes are usually checked for you. Treat installers like contracts, read everything carefully and accept what you want to accept.

The not so clever way: false download ads

You probably saw them often on the pages. They try to make you believe you downloaded recently, but many fewer people fall into the trap compared to what they fall into the installer’s trap. If you download the file to which they refer, you will receive unwanted software.

These ads tend to confuse people when they are placed on a download page, especially if that download page contains a lot of text. You can see the difference simply by noticing that the formatting doesn’t look like the page is formatted – it’s not hard to distinguish between simple links and a big green button with FREE words. Although if you want to make sure that you are floating above the big green button and see if the URL has the word messages in it.

And especially your computer manufacturer

If you recently purchased a computer from a store or online, there were most likely free processor monopolization applications, RAM suction and test software and cracks along with your purchase. People wonder why their computer is so slow without realizing that they have about 10 free trial versions of antivirus software on their PC running at the same time. Your first reflex might have been to visit your friendly control panel and ask them to do something about it. If you have had this experience, your computer might have caused you a shock because the scroll bar in the Program & Features applet looks so small!

The easiest and most effective way to solve the inflation problem would be to remove the Windows installation diskette from the bottom of the drawer, reformat the PC and perform a clean installation. Remember that this only works if you have a Microsoft Windows installation diskette, not the system image created by your OEM PC vendor. With this handy floppy disk, you can clean Windows on your PC and use the product key that appears on your computer’s label. You don’t have to worry about having to use the CD license(s) because your manufacturer bought you a license!

If you are unable to uninstall some Crapware or toolbars from the Control Panel, these Crapware Removal Software or Toolbar Removers may use the.

By Andrew Kim

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