Website Layouts

Sun Rise Header Graphic

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple but nice sun rise scene. the end result could useful for a website header or even a postcard.
The techniques I’m going to use are quite simple, a few gradients colours, blend modes and some nice floral and grass brushes applied using GIMP’s 2.6 dynamic brushes feature.

Blog Theme Design tutorial

Finally I have managed to put my self together and create another blog template tutorial!
sorry to all those who were counting on it before,i just didn’t have the time for it but anyway here it is. so enjoy!

Modern Navigation

In this gimp tutorial i will show you how to Create a cool modern website Navigation, this navigation works well with both dark and light backgrounds see examples at the end of this tutorial.

I made the width under 500px so it fits inside site, but if you look at the end of this tutorial there is a link showing how the site would look like on a wider 800px website.

How To Create Your Own Website Design Using Gimp

It’s only been a few days since i started with gimp and i already feel pretty comfortable with it, so i decide to create a website tutorial using Gimp.

for first time users its advisable to check out for a quick overview of Gimp’s tools and interference none the less its pretty straight forward and easy.

The Complete Website Tutorial

All in one tutorial,Design your layout with Gimp, slice it and code it, here is the outcome of this tutorial….

Create a logo with the path tool

Some of the best logos in the world are simple,logos which consists of basically text and a unique symbol. a few famous examples are myspace,youtube,Yahoo,google.

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