ScreenBlur: Innovative locking screen to lock your Windows desktop

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I just heard about this ScreenBlur tool, which can protect my computer data securely and privately from unauthorized viewing and could not resist the urge to share it with you. With ScreenBlur, I can temporarily lock my screen to prevent unauthorized access.

Although I am a Windows 8 user who already has my own default locking screen, I have found that Screenblur has taken a completely different approach to locking my screen and protecting it from unauthorized access.

After downloading the software from the trusted source, extract the files and run the Screenblur.exe configuration. When you perform the quick install, you will be prompted for a password. You can see a small padlock in the taskbar. Here you can lock your screen.

If you want to restrict access to your screen, simply click on this padlock and your screen is locked. Isn’t that easy? Clicking this button locks your desktop and no one can access your desktop without entering the password.

The tool allows customization, and you can give your lock screen a different look from the Tool Settings menu. You can change the settings by right-clicking on the padlock. The Settings menu allows you to lock your screen if it has been idle for a while, start it when Windows starts, enable or disable sound notification, and much more. You can also select what should or should not appear on your locked screen. You can hide the taskbar, icons, open tabs, and so on.

With Screenblur, you can not only lock the screen, but also create a temporary desktop blackout with a single click.

  • Lock Screen – When you click the Lock screen, your desktop is automatically locked if you wish, then you can access it by entering the desired password.
  • Desktop Blackout – This option places your desktop in a blackout where no one can see what is on your desktop, and if you want to disable the desktop blackout, simply click the desktop blackout again.

The tool has a very simple interface and an easy to navigate settings menu. Let me tell you what options are available in the Screenblur Settings menu.

  • The first option is a password where you can set the password as you wish, if you want to enter a strong password, which I suggest you use alphanumeric keys to set the desired password, then click OK. Your password for your lock screen is now set.
  • The next option is Automation, where you can run it when Windows starts, enable or disable sound notification, or even choose to lock the screen if your PC is idle for a certain time interval.
  • Then there is the third option for shortcut keys, where you can set the hide, the settings window and lock the screen by simply pressing the shortcut key option, which you can select as shown on the picture.
  • The fourth option is Other, where you can set the time your computer goes to sleep, hibernates or turns off when it exceeds the lock screen time limit.
  • The Advanced option informs you only about the tool.
  • Finally, there is the interface option that allows you to change the lock screen by setting a custom image. As you can see, by simply clicking on the first option, you can set the custom image by selecting the Custom Image option, and you can set any image or background image by simply clicking on the next dotted option. Take a look at the screenshot below, where I selected my image as the locking image.

These ScreenBlur settings help you create an absolutely customized and innovative blocking screen to prevent unauthorized access to your computer system. In short, ScreenBlur is a trusted application that can help you keep your data secret in a simple and innovative way. With its efficiency and simplicity, this tool can be my first choice for locking the screen.

ScreenBlur free download

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Download Now

Download ScreenBlur from its -homepage and see how it temporarily hides your desktop. It works from Windows XP.

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