How to solve the problem of screen flicker in Microsoft’s Surface Book

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Microsoft Surface Book is one of the best products of the giant Redmond, but it seems that the slippery machine is already working in the first niggles that users are struggling to cope with. The list of niggles continues to change color temperature while navigating until the removable dock is locked. Another critical problem facing many Surface Book users is the flickering of the screen, which will not only spoil your visual experience, but also tire your eyes.

Only a few days ago, customers who pre-ordered Surface Book received their devices and the release of problems flooded Microsoft support forums. Users were surprised to see that flickering continues even after all updates have been installed. The flashing screen can be caused by many things – but here are some workarounds that can help you fix the flashing screen if you find that updating the graphics drivers hasn’t helped you.

1] Change brightness

The display may flash at lower brightness and a change in brightness may at least partially solve the problem. To change the brightness, simply go to the action center and change the brightness icon to adjust it.

2] Check screen resolution

Select Start > Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display Settings. Select 1920 x 1080 resolution recommended as optimal for Surface Book and select Apply.

3] Setting the switching temperature

According to Microsoft, this can also be done by overheating, and you can try moving the surface to a colder area or better yet, turning it off completely until it cools. This problem will probably be corrected in a future update.

4] Disable Hyper-V

If all the above steps have not solved the problem, this will certainly be the case. As some users have noticed, the flashing screen appears to be the manual work of the Hyper-V function, which is Microsoft’s virtualization technology associated with the Windows operating system. Disabling Hyper-V is known to solve the problem, and here is how you can do it

Open a high command prompt and run the following command line:


Restart your interface book and see if it helped.

We hope that Microsoft will find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

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