What parents need to know about Saraha and Yellow Apps

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The Internet could be a dangerous place for children. They have a young and fragile mind and can trust anyone. It’s easy for them to get carried away. While the Blue Whale Challenge has already killed many, the Sarahah and Yellow applications, which do not monitor a person’s identity, pose a threat to children.

Risks associated with using Sarahah and yellow applications

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What happens if you allow someone to send text messages or comments to a social media application in stealth mode? They can become mean and dirty because they are registered as anonymous. This is a red flag for many application users today. The situation is worse if the recipient is a minor because he or she is unable to cope with the violence.

Sarahah and Yellow Apps – Teen Rave

The two new applications, Sarahah and Yellow, are available on the Apple & Google Store and are increasingly popular with teenagers. The Sarahah application is used by creating an account and sharing the link on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. Anyone can confess anything by commenting on the user’s Sarahah page. The comment remains confidential for the user.

Sarahah – The Honesty App ? 12

This is also called Honesty App because your social media connections can leave comments on your photos while you remain anonymous. There are no age restrictions, so virtually anyone can use the application. The application is primarily designed to reveal your strengths (that’s what marketers say). The application does not allow you to reply to the anonymous user’s comment. You can only get logs of your latest activities, such as comments you sent and received and those you considered favorites.

Yellow App – Finders Keepers

The yellow application can be considered as Tinder For Teens because it allows them to search their game on a wide range of complete unknowns from their profile and linked photos via social media accounts. The yellow application does not have an age verification system , which means that teens can talk to people who claim to be 14 or 15, but who are in fact in their 50s or 60s, so it is very alarming.

As a result, teenagers may send or share obscene or obscene images without realizing that they have been victims of a pedophile who prowls the Internet. There are many sex offenders who use the Internet and they could attract children and teenagers and then abuse them with this application.

Police have warned parents of the dangers of these applications

U.S. police have alerted parents and warned them of the dangers of using these two applications, which do not require identity or age verification. This becomes a scary scenario, especially because anyone can create a profile in an instant and pretend to be a normal 14- or 15-year-old, then use the location settings to find teenagers near where they are.

Sarahah, which means opening or opening in Arabic, certainly embodies the very definition of transparency that abuses the meaning of privacy and the confidentiality clause. People tend to abuse the Internet because they hide behind the anonymity of the application.

Dealing with the situation of parents

Although the legislative authorities are reluctant to regularize these requests, parents could help on their side.

  1. Understand that these applications do not check the person at the other end, so do not let your children use them.
  2. Inform your child of the danger. Be open while you talk to the children.
  3. Monitor your child’s Internet history regularly.
  4. Stay in touch. Your child should be able to open up to you without fear of being threatened.

The developers had good intentions to break down social and age barriers. It is a social experiment that has been driven mad or false because some people have used the application as a means of hatred, abuse, discrimination and cyberbullying of all kinds. Sarahah and Yellow were designed to take socialization to a whole new level, but it was a vicious playground for predators and sexual abusers looking for young victims to go online.

Be aware. Stay safe!

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