New runtime commands and shortcuts in Windows 7, Windows Vista

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The Windows Start menu search field provides functions similar to the Run command. However, if you want to use the’Run’ command, you can do so for clarity. You can even add it to the Start menu for easy access. When you know that all runtime commands correspond to a particular task, tool, utility or item that you can access from the Control Panel. However, some can be called via the’Run’ dialog box.

Here is a list of some new runtime commands in Windows.

Windows Vista & Windows 7 New commands

  • Help window : helppane
  • Color management : Color
  • Computer management launcher : CompMgmtLauncher
  • Control Panel : Control
  • Backup and Restore Wizard : credwiz
  • User Interface Defragmentation : dfrgui
  • Driver Installation : dpinst
  • DPI scaling : dpiscaling
  • DVD player : dvdplay
  • Display Adapter Troubleshooter : AdapterTroubleshooter
  • Permissions Manager : azman. msc
  • Bitlocker Wizard : Bitlocker Wizard
  • Event Viewer : eventvwr
  • Firewall Settings : Firewall Settings
  • Firewall Control Panel : Firewall Control Panel
  • Firewall Control Panel
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security : wf. msc
  • Problem reports and solutions : wercon
  • Windows Fax and Scan : wfs
  • Windows Image Capture – wiaacmgr
  • Windows Update Application Manager – wuapp
  • Windows Standalong Update Manager – wusa
  • Windows shared folder administration : fsmgmgmtmt. msc
  • Cutting tool : Cutting tool
  • Bit block detector : fvenotify
  • Fax Cover Editor : fxscover
  • iSCSI Initiator : iscsicpl
  • (14)
  • Iexpress : iexpress
  • (14)
  • Vista Logout : Logout
  • Language Pack Pack Installer : lpksetup
  • Windows Mobility Center : mblctr
  • Microsoft Sync Center : mobsync
  • Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool : msdt
  • Remote Support : msra
  • User accounts : Netplwiz
  • ODBC Data Source Administrator : odbcad32
  • Optional Feature Manager : optional features
  • People around me : p2phost
  • Performance monitoring : Perfmon
  • Presentation settings: Presentation settings
  • Printer migration : PrintBrmUi
  • File system encryption : rekeywiz
  • Windows backup utility : sdclt
  • Access settings : sethc
  • Windows Share Wizard : shrpubw
  • Software/Windows License Activation : slui
  • Volume : sndvol
  • Sound recorder : Tape recorder
  • Sticky note : StikyNot
  • Digitizer Calibration Tool : tabcal
  • Reliable Platform Module : TpmInit
  • System Properties : Advanced System Properties
  • System Properties (Preset Hardware) .: SystemPropertiesHardware
  • System Properties (name of selected computer) : SystemPropertiesComputerName
  • System Properties (preselected performance) : SystemPropertiesPerformance
  • System Properties (preselected protection) : SystemPropertiesPropertiesProtection
  • System properties (prevention of execution of preselected data) : SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention
  • System properties (remote preselection) : SystemPropertiesRemote

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Windows Vista introduced new shortcuts, considering that it introduced many new features. Here is a list of new keyboard shortcuts in Windiws Vista.

Win+G – Changes gadget selection.
Win+Spacebar – Move gadgets forward
Win+X – runs the Mobility Center.
Win+Tab – Enables 3-D Flip.
Win+U – Activates the Usability Center.
Win+T – Cycles through taskbar programs
Alt +Tab variant – Press Win+1 or +2 and so on. These cycles, which are located on the Quick Launch toolbar.

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