Repair Zune Error Code C00D133C (80190194)

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Error code C00D133C (80190194) occurs in Windows when users try to update their Zune device with the latest software version. Zune products were discontinued in 2012, but some users are still actively using them. This problem has been confirmed to occur in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Please note that Zune products have been discontinued since 2012, so you should expect problems. If you have already installed the Zune software for a long time, you should start this troubleshooting guide by uninstalling the current version, and then reinstall the Zune software through the official channels.

If it doesn’t work, you will most likely see the error code C00D133C due to a firmware problem. In other words, the firmware upgrade cannot be installed because the Zune servers were disabled. In this case, you will need to set up your own virtual web server with a chasm (or other equivalent) and make some other changes so that the Zune programs will believe that the web servers are still running, so the firmware update can be performed.

Getting Zune firmware

  • Zune firmware is also still present on Microsoft websites. This is x86 MSI, so don’t bother to install it, we will open it as an archive. Save this file forever.
  • There are half a dozen ways to hack MSI Since not everyone who reads this blog is a programmer, the easiest way is to
  • Download thesmsi and use it to open and remove MSI firmware. It’s just an MSI specific extractor, but it’s more fun than 7zip because it extracts files with the correct names. If you use Chocolatey, just say “choco install lessmsi” and then run “lessmsi-gui”. LessMSI will store the files in a deep folder structure. You will want to move them and have all your files on top at \users\YOURNAME\downloads\zunestuff. Other small changes will be made later.
  • If you really want, you can install 7zip and extract the contents of the Zune MSI firmware into a new folder, but I don’t recommend doing this because you will need to rename the files and give them the correct extensions.
  • NERDS: You can also use msiexec from the command line, but I try to make it very easy.

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Remove and install Zune

You can try to uninstall and reinstall the Zune application and see if it helps.

  • Press Windows + X and select Programs and features.
  • Select the Zune application.
  • Right-click and select Uninstall. Reboot your computer, reinstall the Zune app, and see if it will help.

Restore the software on your Zune device

To remove the C00D133C error code, try to restore the Zune device software by following these steps:

  1. Turn the lock switch to the unlocked position.
  2. Press and hold the “Back” button while pressing and holding the top of the Zune Filler. When Zune starts to rotate, release the buttons.
  3. Immediately after releasing the buttons in step 2, press and hold the next key combination, depending on the Zune model.

“If you have a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 80GB, or 120GB Zune device, immediately press and hold the Back Button while pressing the Zune Fill and Play/Pause Button. Press and hold these buttons until your Zune device restarts and “Please wait” appears on the screen.

If you have a 30GB Zune device, immediately press and hold the “Back” button while pressing the left side of the Zune device and the center Zune Fill button. Press and hold these buttons until your Zune reboots and “Please wait” appears on the screen.

Note: Delete content. You will see “Wait” and then “Connect Zune to your computer”.

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