ParkControl: Optimize settings for Core Parking and CPU Frequency Scaling under Windows

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Modern CPUs are becoming more and more powerful. This is because they are fed by several nuclei. These multiple cores can certainly cause the CPU to reach a very high overall clock frequency, but all these cores together consume a lot of power. Windows has a solution to this problem. It does this by putting all unused cores into standby or parking mode, saving power and generating less heat.

However, Windows does not allow users to adjust the scaling of the CPU frequency. It also does not control the number of cores and when they are put into parking mode. This is where ParkControl comes in and can help you. ParkControl is a free, portable tool for adjusting parking and CPU frequency scaling parameters.

What is basic parking and scaling of the CPU

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The basic parking is essentially an attribute (setting) of the power profiles. This CPU function always puts your processors into standby mode (C6). This function is supported by most new processors. In principle, Core Parking allows your computer to save energy. Individual processor cores can be disabled with this feature when your system is idle, and can also be reactivated when they are working on the system again.

Scaling the CPU frequency is a function that allows the operating system to increase or decrease the CPU frequency to save power. Depending on the system load, CPU frequencies can be scaled automatically as a reaction to ACPI events. It can also be done manually with some programs.

CPU frequency scaling control with ParkControl

In simple terms, this free application allows you to adapt the CPU core parking for one or more power profiles on the machine. With the laptop, this means that the tool must really be installed. This means that to start with this tool, you only need to download and run a single executable file.

ParkControl, the free tool for controlling CPU frequency scaling and kernel parking, is a lightweight tool with a size of only 1.44 megabytes. The tool does not have an installer either.

The ParkControl interface is divided into two panels :

  • CPU frequency scaling settings for the power profile on the left : This part of the panel has a drop-down menu that can be used to activate a power profile.
  • Current System Performance Status: This part of the panel displays the number of cores, the frequency, and the CPU usage/stock status.

The tool also has options for AC parking, DC parking, AC frequency scaling, DC frequency scaling. Dynamic Boost requires ParkControl Pro, which is not free.

Control CPU parking in Windows with ParkControl

With ParkControl, individuals can carefully choose the configuration of the performance profile, which helps to make Windows more efficient control of the CPU stock.

Use ParkControl

Download and install ParkControl. Once the application is launched, you will see that the tool interface is easy to understand.

ParkControl can be used to disable some of the unused kernels in your system when it charges slowly. As I said, this can reduce energy consumption and heat dissipation of the system. Since Windows does not offer a direct way to set these parameters, ParkControl is the winner here.

With ParkControl, you can configure how many Windows CPU cores are actually put into parking mode. It can also help you find the most appropriate configuration for your PC that will help you get the most out of your CPU. There are many advantages to using this tool, improved CPU performance, time savings and also energy savings through different processor cores.

You can download ParkControl here. It is important that you know the changes you are making, so it is not for everyone a tool you can use. Read and learn the changes you need to apply to your system, then simply apply them using this tool.

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