How To Paint Clouds in GIMP

Creating fluffy clouds can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. This tutorial is perfect for beginners as it requires just a few basic tools. It includes numerous illustrative pictures and clear steps to guide you.


Start with a blank canvas. Choose a lovely sky color, like blue, to fill it. You can either proceed to the next step or use the gradient tool for an easier option. I prefer the next step for a more authentic sky appearance, but the gradient tool is a handy shortcut for those who prefer it.


Experiment with the dodge tool (or select different colors) to introduce various shades…

Blend … (a larger brush size is more effective!)

Remember: the sky tends to be lighter closer to the horizon…


Use the dodge tool once more! Set it to “dodge” and create a rough cloud-like shape..

Soften the edges to give it a fluffy look (:


With the same dodge settings, add another layer slightly smaller than the first…

Blend again! Be careful not to blend the outline of the previous layer too much, as the varying shades add depth and dimension (:


Switch to a smaller brush.
Using the same dodge settings, lightly outline parts of the cloud, focusing on the bottom and sides. Be subtle!

Now with a slightly bigger brush, blend again, but sparingly, to maintain the cloud’s depth and fluffiness (:


Dodge again …

Blend again …

Tip: For blending, it’s crucial to use a small brush size and blend moderately to avoid losing the cloud’s distinct shape and colors.


Repeat the process until your cloud looks full and fluffy.

Your masterpiece is now complete!

All steps are done on a single layer.

Enjoy your cloud painting journey!

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