You really need to see the end results to appreciate this tutorial, the preview image doesn’t show much :),this Gimp tutorial is meant for Intermediate and above users, but never the less i advise beginners to have a go at it since i do try my best to explain the steps in detail.

Many of the steps are repeated, and all the technical words get a bit boring after a while so hang in there, the results are worth it. now lets get started shall we?

Step 1

Create a new image Area with the size of 420×321 and fill it with the color black.

Step 2

Grab the ‘Ellipse Tool’ from your Tool box or Press (E). Draw a 200×200 prefect circle. you can use tool options dialog to enter the exact size.

Step 3

Grab the ‘Blend tool’ and in the ‘tool Options’ dialog change the gradient to FG to BG (RGB) and the shape to radial. finally change your foreground color to a22d5f and background to 5e042a. here is how all the blend tool settings should look like.

Step 4

Ok now that you have all you the ‘Blend tools’ right create a new layer name it “Orb1” and apply the Gradient from the center of the circle to the lower right, check the image for the exact angel.

the result should look this.

Step 5

Duplicate the the Orb1 layer name it Orb2 and change the mode of the layer to “Overlay”.

Step 6

Create a new layer and Grab the Blend tool, and again in the “Tool Options” change the Graidnet to “FG to Transparent”, and Shape to Radial, change the Foreground color to ff958a. now apply it from the center to the lower bottom,check the image below on the exact position.

this is the result of step 5

Step 7

Create a new layer, Grab the Ellipse tool and draw a 121×96 circle.

Step 8

Fill the new created cirecle and fill it with solid white and adjust the Opacity to 12.2.

Step 9

Select the “Orb2” Layer and right click on it and click on “alpha to selection” Create a new layer place it above the rest, grab the Ellipse tool and in the “Tool Option” select the Subtract mode.

Step 10

Now draw an oval shape circle to subtract the top right part which will result in a eclipse shape, the image below displays the size i used as a subtraction.

it should look like this

Step 11

Create a new layer and fill in the selection with the a solid white and change the opacity to 4.5.

Step 12

Grab the Ellipse tool change back the mode to normal, which is the “Replace the current selection” icon in the “Tool options”, now draw a 105×71 oval circle, it should look like this.

Step 13

Still with the Ellipse tool change the mode back to subtract and draw a 144×75 oval circle at the bottom.

Step 14

Create a new layer and fill it with solid white click on Select>none to de-select any selections,grab the “Rotate tool” and rotate it an angel of 40.

Step 15

Grab the Path tool and draw a path that will use to split the shape at one end to give it a reflection effect, one side is wider then the other side,once you have the path drawn press on the “Selection from path” found in the tool options.

Below is the image of the path you need to draw as well as the selection.

Step 16

Ok once you have the path drawn and the selection hit the delete key.

Step 17

de-select the selection by going to select>none and changing the opacity to 7.1

Step 18

Grab the Ellipse tool and draw a 285×297 circle.

Step 19

Now with the Ellipse tool change the mod to “Subtract” and draw a 291×271 Circle.

Step 20

Create a new layer, fill the selection with a solid white and change the opacity to 5.9, and finally place the layer right at the bottom just after the background.

Step 21

Now will repeat what we just did, Create a new layer,Grab the Ellipse tool and draw a 297×271 circle.

Step 22

Now with the Ellipse tool change the mod to “Subtract” and draw a 286×275 Circle.

Step 23

Create a new layer, fill the selection with a solid white and change the opacity to 5.9, place the layer just after the background.

This is how it should look so far

Step 24

Now for the final touch, grab the Text tool, change the size to 28 and use the font Sanas.

Step 25

Right click on the text layer and click on “alpha to Selection” once you have the text selected delete the text layer.

Step 26

Grab the the Blend tool and in the “tool options” change the gradients to (FG to Transparent) and change the shape to linear, and apply it from top to bottom.

Thats it your done! you very own advance ORB 🙂

I actually re- did it later on my own and played with the colors and made some small changes and this was my outcome.

The Gimp Xcf source file is attached below for download.
if you need help with the any steps please use the help section in the new forum we created

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