NPointer: Control your computer with gestures and voice commands

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Control of your Windows computer with gestures and voice commands has been on everyone’s lips for some time. Speech and gestural recognition technology can help revolutionize the way we interact with our computer, not to mention the incredible help it would provide to people with different abilities. Today, we are talking about NPointer, an application for gestures and a speech control software. Hand or head movements are recorded by a webcam and translated into pointer movements that allow you to control your computer.

Gesture and voice control

NPointer helps you control your computer with your hand movements as input commands. With a traditional webcam pointing to the table where you can place and move your hand, you can control the pointer movements on the computer screen.

You can start the application by starting its executable file. It should call the application interface from which you can customize the application settings. You can set various parameters such as needle movement speed and acceleration to calibrate needle movement on the computer screen. In addition, you can also set the menu delay time (16) and the maximum motion speed that controls the pointer when you remove the pointer from the camera’s field of view.

NPointer Options

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NPointer is equipped with different needle control modes. You can configure the application settings to switch between different control options.

      • Camera control – Use the built-in or installed webcam to control the pointer.
        • Hand – Use your hand to control the pointer. Useful if you have a webcam installed.
        • Head/frontal control – Use your head/front bar to control the pointer. Convenient when using a built-in laptop camera.
      • Voice Command – Select the pointer menu via voice commands.

Action Menu Breakdown

If you hold the head/hand still for a certain time (time defined by the timeout menu), a drop-down menu appears that looks like this and offers a series of functions that mimic traditional mouse use.

As shown in the image above, once the drop-down menu appears, you can move your hand/head to reproduce the movement on the computer screen and place the action selection pointer on the desired function. The selected function is triggered as soon as the mouse pointer is moved over this function and stops for a moment.

To scroll, select the action on the scroll wheel that activates the scroll mode and calls the action menu below.

Once you have selected the scroll mode, you can scroll the computer screen pages with your hand/head. If you want to disable the scroll mode, simply set the action selection pointer to disable it and leave it there for a while.

Voice Command

If you selected Voice Command as the default pointer control method, you must adjust the language settings and record voice commands for multiple pointer functions.

Click the Language Settings button in the lower right corner. This should open the Voice Command Settings menu, where you can save a voice command for functions such as right click, left click, etc. The commands are configurable so that you can delete and save them again.


NPointer is an easy application that can be very useful for people with disabilities. If you know the movement and its functions, it’s fun to use. For better accuracy, the quality of the webcam should be sufficient at higher frame rates. It is equally important that the lighting conditions are correct. When you use your hand to make gestures, you must hold your hand on a stable table surface and point the webcam directly at it.

You can download the executable from the official website. Let us know if you find it useful or if you have problems using it.

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