Microsoft support can make it difficult to process Windows 10 help requests now

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m that you were using before the upgrade. Although it is almost a year, a number of hardware drivers still need to be integrated into the installation of Microsoft Windows 10. This lack of compatible drivers often leads to a walled laptop.

Windows 10 contains a number of drivers in the installation software, but the number is quite small compared to the hardware available on the market.

In addition to drivers, some laptops are quite old and cannot be used with Windows 10. And because Microsoft is making Windows 10 a recommended upgrade, the situation is getting worse.

If your notebook is not supported by Windows 10, you should not benefit from the Windows 10 upgrade. Problems occur when you use the media creation tool for installation. It is best to purchase a new laptop, transfer your existing installation to the new computer if it is not already Windows 10, then upgrade to Windows 10 – before July 2016 if you want a free upgrade.

Does this mean that Windows 10 is only for laptops 2 to 3 years old? What about custom computers? Has Microsoft taken this into account when developing upgrade plans for Windows 10? If not, why does he say that if you can run Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, you can run Windows 10 without problems? This does not seem to be entirely fair, given the complaints from users.

Reading all notes could make you cry! And this is not just my site – you should also see comments on responses from Microsoft and other forums and ask for help.

      1. SpokanePatriot says the victory7 has increased to ten. Program lock for 19 hours. No Way Out
      2. Kelly C. Douglas even: tried to download Windows 10th Said as it was finished. I logged onto the table top and the screen continues to flash. He won’t let me click on anything. I diagnosed the system and my computer was more than ready to be upgraded. The computer is only 11.5 years old. Somebody help me, please. I can’t use my computer
      3. One response to Grace Hill’s comment above is: I have the same problem. The computer is useless now. My office won’t make it to the top. The screen flashes and the computer overheats
      4. Jared Van Bergen says: My upgrade installation went smoothly, up 97%, when a blue screen with a sad face appeared, the PC rebooted and is now continuously restarted, displays the Windows logo, and restarts again, essentially a polishing machine. Seriously unhappy at 🙁
      5. According to Joanne Evans: “I am trying to install Windows 10 on my son&#8217s computer. It downloads, starts the installation, restarts, comes with a black screen with a blue Windows icon and nothing. That’s as far as we go. I left all last night and this morning it was exactly the same
      6. Here is a Reditt user asking for help : The free upgrade to Windows 10 has clogged my computer. During the installation of Windows 10 (from Windows 7) the program crashed and I had to restart my computer. Well, every time my computer starts, Windows tries to boot, fails and then sends me to boot repair, which also fails, making my keyboard and mouse completely insensitive and freezing the computer completely. I tried working with customer support for over 8 hours and received no advice beyond purchasing a new version of Windows.
      7. Escaper Two on Bleeping Computer says: “I have a Lenovo y50 computer, not even a year old, that used Windows 8.1. I started my Windows 10 update today, but when it was 20% ready, I passed out. If you press the power switch, the light is no longer on. Everyone knows what the problem is and what I can do about it. What can I do about it?
      8. Gilles says: “I went from window 7, everything went well in the image of the cliff beach. Then everything is frozen. The only thing I can do is force the closure. The Bios works well, the W10 works when the safe mode is activated. So it’s not a material problem. Upgrade twice, PC reset, everything. Without success.
      9. anmol_gill says: Still waiting…blocked at 97%… Hopefully you won’t have to wait until 24 hours.

These are just a few of the thousands of complaints on the Internet. Many claimed that even after using a stable construction, Windows 10 walled their laptop. And now that Microsoft has made Windows 10 a recommended upgrade, problems and support requests may well increase.

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While Microsoft MVPs, Community Stars and the army of volunteers do an excellent job of problem solving, Microsoft needs to increase and appoint a sold support representative who will be able to tackle the problem head-on and help unlucky users solve their problems. Assign discussion threads to support staff and ensure that they are brought to a logical conclusion. If they do not feel able to solve it, they turn to senior engineers and above all, do not remain silent, but tell the user that his problem is specifically taken into account. He shouldn’t feel abandoned.

Microsoft owes it to its loyal Windows customers!

What was your experience?

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