Basic features of Microsoft Surface Dial in Surface Studio

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Most of the innovative things Surface Dial can do with Surface Studio, Surface And pro, Surface Book 2 can also be done with Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro 4.

Now you can use it! Note. Surface Dial works on screen with Surface Studio (1st generation), Surface Studio 2, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (5th generation), and Surface Pro 6.

Press and hold the Surface Dial to see more tools in the wheel menu. Turn the dial left or right to highlight the tool you want to use. To select a tool, press and release, then start drawing.


Surface Dial is the surprise star of the recently introduced Microsoft device – Surface Studio. The device supplied with the device (Studio) or can be purchased as a standalone product belonging to Windows Wheel devices. This is a new category of input devices that enables unique user interaction for Windows and Windows applications.

Microsoft Surface Dial on Surface Studio

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When you press Surface Studio, Surface Dial adds a form factor based on a rotational motion to the input. This allows a special menu on the screen by determining the position of the contact. The system then uses this information to process the occlusion through the device and display a larger version of the menu surrounding the outside of the dial.

The surface dial supports both a press and hold action and a click action. If you hold down the wheel, a command menu appears on the Surface Studio screen. With these commands, a user can rotate and click on the input. Some of the standard tools you can find in the dial menu are

  1. System volume
  2. Zoom in/out
  3. Cancel/Redo/Redo

The integrated tool collection adapts to changes in no time. In addition to this support for general applications and gestures, the surface dial is deeply integrated into the Windows Ink-platform (InkCanvas and InkToolbar) controls.

When enabled, these commands provide additional functions to change ink attributes and control the ink toolbar ruler pattern. For example, if you open the surface selector in a color application that uses the ink toolbar, the menu lists all the tools available to control the pen type and brush thickness. When the ruler is activated, an appropriate tool is added to the menu to allow the device to control the position and angle of the ruler.

Use the function selector to select pens by selecting a specific size. Then the palette and size settings for the selected pen are opened. When you access the settings window, you can turn the control dial to change the size slider or scroll through the colors.

Similar settings or changes can be configured for brush settings that are added to the dial controls. By default, the brush diameter is set up and down. However, if you access the sketch settings (right), you can select Speed Dial.

In addition, 11 additional brush attributes can be defined. These include

  1. Turbidity
  2. Point opacity
  3. Point rotation
  4. Point circumference
  5. Flow rate
  6. Spring
  7. Penetration
  8. Spacing
  9. Spacing
  10. Spacing
  11. Evacuation
  12. Saturation

A good feature of Microsoft Surface Dial is, that navigation controls can be easily executed in two finger movements. Its experience is reminiscent of a tuner button on a radio or stereo console. So you could find its application for your favorite music application – groove music.

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