Klee combines the advantages of Windows Explorer and Google Chrome

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Would you like your Windows file explorer to be multifunctional? Clover is free software that connects Windows Explorer and Google Chrome. The concept behind this software is that the multifunctionality of Google Chrome is available for Windows Explorer. For example, it installs Google Chrome as tabs in Windows Explorer. Not only tabs, but also an option bookmarks, so we can easily create and access bookmarks at any time!

Klee for Windows Explorer

Let’s look at the functions of the Clover software.

Easy access to files, very efficient

Clover makes opening a new file or folder absolutely convenient, saving time and effort. Simply press Ctrl+T to open a new page (or tab), Ctrl+W is to close the page and switch between pages, use Ctrl+Tab

Smooth operation with OS

The application is built and integrated so that a chrome user can easily get used to the multi-tab functionality for Windows without having to adapt to a new file management system.

Super-fast bookmarks bar

Saving a folder in bookmarks is child’s play. You can either press Ctrl + D to save the path to the currently used folder, or simply drag it to the bookmarks bar to save it immediately. It is always there when you want to access it, it is absolutely not necessary to look for it anywhere on your computer.

The latest version of Clover includes many new updates and features, such as reopening recently opened folders, restoring recently opened folders in case of a Clover crash, and importing or exporting bookmarks. You can even apply themes to Clover by downloading the Chrome themes supported by Clover.

Add tabs to Windows File Explorer

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Download Now

Once you install and run Clover, you will not notice any difference between Clover and your Chrome browser. Clover has the same multi-tab functionality to access your Windows files and folders. A single cloverleaf window, you can access multiple folders and mark your regular folders.

The features that Clover has added to our Windows Explorer are simply great. This facilitates our work. We can simply browse our computer in different tabs and we do not need to switch from one Explorer window to another. You can also create bookmarks, as in Google Chrome. Bookmarks are displayed in the Bookmarks tab and are accessible from there at any time. Like Google Chrome, Clover also accepts key combinations like Ctrl+T, etc.

Here is the list of all key combinations supported by Clover :

      • Ctrl+T : Open a new tab.
      • Ctrl+W : Close the current tab.
      • Ctrl+D: Create a new bookmark.
      • Ctrl+Tab : Navigate between different tabs.
      • Ctrl+1, 2, 3 : Switch to different tabs by number order.

After downloading and installing Clover, your Windows Explorer is replaced by Clover. Each time you open your Windows Explorer, you will automatically be redirected to Clover. So that you don’t have to learn new software, Clover is completely designed like Google Chrome and Windows Explorer.

The explorer symbol is also replaced by the clover symbol. It may seem strange at first, but after a while, you get used to it. The best thing about the software is that it works like a charm under Windows 8. No mistakes or problems.

I recommend you try this free add-on for Windows Explorer. It increases productivity and saves a lot of time and gives you a tabbed feel in Windows Explorer. You can just imagine the power of Google Chrome and Windows Explorer – and when they’re combined, you’ll have Clover!

Clover’s website is in Chinese, but you can translate it with Bing Translate. Click here to go to the Clover download page. You can create a system restore point before installing new software.

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