How to ignore security issues when configuring a local user account on Windows 10

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Skip security questions when creating an account
As soon as you select the password field, security questions will immediately appear. To skip the questions, do not set a password for this account and click Next. You can create an account without security questions if you leave them blank.

Login window bypass
Press Shift + F10 to open Command Prompt. Enter the following command oobe\bypassnro:. When the reboot is complete, a message will appear. You can ignore it and click Next.

Local user accounts are security principals used to secure and control access to resources on a stand-alone or member server for services or users.


When creating a local Windows 10 account, the administrator is prompted to configure three security questions. This is important and necessary to ensure that there is an option to recover the account if the user has forgotten the password. Some might also consider it a weakening of connection security, as some answers could be guessed from users’ social profiles and so on – but who says the answers have to be true? You can always enter incorrect answers, which only you know if it is a problem. However, if you are looking for a way to remove security issues from Windows 10, we will tell you how to skip security issues when you set up a local user account in Windows 10.

The security problem in Windows 10

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Windows provides some predefined questions during creation, and even you want to modify them. Although the user can define the answer to these questions without reference, remembering them is another problem. If the user defines the obvious answers, anyone who knows the person can guess them. It’ll only create more confusion. There are other ways to restore the Windows login account. An administrator can reset it for you, or if you have created a reset diskette, you can also use it.

Windows 10 removes security issues?

That is, once an account has been created, there is no way to delete it. There is no registry hack or administrator tool to delete it – now! The best you can do is change them. Period.

Skip security issues when creating a local account

However, there are still two ways to do this. This only works if the security issues are not configured at all. On the one hand when creating a new account and on the other hand when using a Microsoft account. Rest assured, however, that you cannot do this for existing accounts with security issues.

The only way not to associate security issues with a local user account is to ignore them from the beginning. When creating a local account, you will be asked for a password and a hint. If you select the password field, security questions are displayed immediately.

To skip questions, do not enter a password for this account and click Next. It is possible to create an account without security questions if you leave it empty. You can set the new password yourself later. If you have forgotten your password, you must ask your administrator to reset it for you.

If you accidentally enter something in the password field, cancel the process and restart. Simply enter the name and click Next.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Family and Others > Add someone else to this PC. This opens the new window that you can see in the screenshot above. Click Next and an account is ready.

Use a Microsoft account and convert it to a local account

I did a little experiment myself; it worked. I created an account with a Microsoft account, then I did the following steps:

  • Log in using Microsoft credentials.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Information
  • Look for a link called Login to a local account.

When you click it, it asks you for your Microsoft account password, then creates a local account for you. You must set a password for this account. No security issues will arise. It also removes any connection to your MSA account on this PC. Although you can define security issues later, it is best to create a recovery floppy.

These are not easy means, but they are the only means to avoid security problems when creating a local user account. Make sure you have a way to recover your password.

Let’s hope this workaround helps!

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