How to Use Presenter Coach in Microsoft PowerPoint Online

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The Presenter Coach can analyze and evaluate your oral Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to help you improve them.

If you need help narrating your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and using PowerPoint on the Web, there is a handy feature called Presenter Coach. The Presenter Coach monitors and analyzes your speech and words as you give your presentation and move from slide to slide. When you are finished, the coach will give you a sample report on your performance. The report shows the total time and number of slides you covered, and ranks you according to your average pace and how carefully you read each slide. You can also check to see if you used any filler words or tricky phrases.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to use the “Presenter Coach” feature of PowerPoint.

How do I Activate the “Presenter Coach” Feature?

Working with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint is so easy that you won’t miss it.

  • You switch to slide show mode and click on Repeat with Presenter Coach.
  • Click Start to begin recording.
  • PowerPoint uses your microphone to record and scan your voice.
  • You start the presentation and speak into the microphone. Focus on the help tips that appear in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • At the end of the presentation, you will receive a full report with improvements.

Don’t forget to try this new PowerPoint feature to see if you make some of the most common mistakes when speaking in public and giving a presentation. The AI-supported presentation coach is designed to help you improve your presentation skills and keep your audience more engaged.

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Download Now

Open the Presenter Coach Preview

  • Click PowerPoint to open this web application.
  • Click Load and Open to select a presentation to open in PowerPoint. Click the Open button.
  • You can also create a new presentation using the PowerPoint web application by clicking New Blank Presentation or a template.
  • When you have opened a final slideshow in PowerPoint, click the Slideshow tab just below it.
  • Click the Repeat with Coach button.
  • A preview of the PowerPoint Presenter Coach presentation will then open, just like in the snapshot.

Your Rehearsal Report

Filler Words

Are you guilty of using too many “ums” or “ers”? Every time you do, the presenter’s coach will give you a real-time warning.


If you tend to go through your content too quickly, the presenter’s coach will tell you that you are speaking too fast and that you should speak more slowly.

Culturally Insensitive Language

If you use a racist insult or sexist term, you will be scolded with a warning that you may want to reconsider. Some language warnings are obvious and expected, but the column will also advise you to use terms such as “disabled” when you hear “handicapped” and will suggest that referring to your audience as “boys” may not be gender-neutral. Of course, the rules Microsoft has set for language can be controversial and will likely evolve with society. Remember, this is a coach, not an umpire.


The Presenter Coach was just one of the many improvements Microsoft made to Microsoft 365. Others include a better mix of personal and business calendars (so you don’t have meetings that conflict with your children’s school events), better connections between Excel and financial institutions so you can better manage your money, and family security features designed to protect our children.

But the person who met me where I live is the Presenter Coach for PowerPoint. That’s just great. And while I’m still surprised I didn’t think of it myself, I’m glad that PowerPoint now seems to be able to make me a better speaker instead of encouraging bad behaviour.

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