How to Repair ‘Unable to access jarfile’ in Windows 10

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If you recently tried to open a JAR package file and got the error message “Can’t access Jarfile”, it simply means that your computer does not have the right software to open the file or that you specified the wrong path to the file. Other common causes of this error include outdated Java version, malware infection of your computer, or wrong default program setting to open JAR files. Before discussing solutions to this problem, let’s take a look at what a JAR is.

Java Archive or JAR is a batch file format based on the ZIP architecture. It is used to combine multiple Java class files, their metadata, and all the resources needed for those files to function into a single package. The purpose of this format is to distribute the batch files needed to run applications and programs. The latest version of the Java Runtime Environment must be installed to run the executable file of the JAR package.

What causes the “Can’t access Jarfile” message?

  • The default program to open JAR files is not defined.
  • You have malicious software installed on your computer.
  • You do not have the latest version of Java installed on your computer.
  • The file path defined for the Java executable file is incorrect and indicates the wrong location.

How to resolve the “Cannot access the Jarfile” error message?

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Updating the Java version

  1. Press Win + R to open Run.
  2. Type appwiz.CPL in the Run text box and click OK.
  3. Enter Java in the Search for the programs text box.
  4. The version is displayed in the Version column. The figure above shows the version of Java 8 Update 251.
  5. To find out the latest version of Java, open the Java web page in your browser.
  6. Look at the version listed here and compare it to the version you have installed.
  7. If your version of Java is older, go back to the Control Panel.
  8. Right-click on Java and choose Uninstall.
  9. Select Yes to uninstall.
  10. On the Java website, click Accept and start the free Java download to register the JRE installation wizard.
  11. Open the folder where you saved the Install Wizard, right-click on the Java Install Wizard and choose Run as Administrator.
  12. Click the Install button in the Install Wizard window to install Java.

Select the option Show hidden files, folders and drives

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click the View tab and then click the Options button to open the window.
  3. Select the View tab.
  4. Select the option Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
  5. Click the Apply button.
  6. Press the OK button to close the window.

Select Java as the default program for JarFiles

  1. Open File Explorer and the folder containing your JarFile.
  2. Right-click the Jar file and select Open with, then select Other Application.
  3. Select Java if it is listed as the default program.
  4. If Java is not in the list of applications, select Find another application on this computer.
  5. Then locate the Java bin folder, select Java, and click Open.
  6. In the Open With window, click the OK button.
  7. Click on the jar to start the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The message "Unable to access jarfile /jar/minecraft_server. In most cases, it happens because the right jar file is missing in the jar folder or there is an invalid entry in the jar value on the server detail page. If the correct jar file cannot be found, the server crashes until the problem is resolved.

  1. Use a third-party file viewer.
  2. Update your version of Java.
  3. Select Java as the default program for JarFiles.
  4. Select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option.
  5. Open the Jarfix program.

JAR stands for Java ARchive. It is a file format based on the popular ZIP format and is used to combine multiple files into one. The only cross-platform archive format. The only format that can handle audio files, images and classes. Backward compatible with existing applet code.

Jar files can contain a variety of files, but usually they contain class files and supporting configuration files (properties), graphics, and other data files needed by the application. Class files contain compiled Java code that can be executed by the Java Virtual Machine. JAR stands for Java ARchive.

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