How to Repair Opera VPN Not Working

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Opera is one of the few browsers with an integrated VPN. This allows you to connect to Opera’s VPN network without the need for additional VPN client software. However, Opera’s VPN does not always work. Opera’s VPN does not always connect for some users, and the browser’s VPN drop-down list indicates “VPN is temporarily unavailable”. This way, you can repair the VPN in Opera.

If you are using a VPN, your browser connects to the VPN server via the VPN’s IP address. Your access to websites is therefore via the VPN server. If the Internet connection to the VPN server is blocked by an ISP, a national censor or along the Internet backbone, Internet access via the VPN is not possible. Similarly, if the VPN server is overloaded, poorly configured or “down”, Internet access via the VPN will not be possible. It can be difficult for a user to know exactly where the blockage occurs. If several users complain at the same time, it is likely to be a VPN server problem; if users complain in a single region, it could be a local censorship/blockade problem. If there are only a few users complaining from different regions, it could be a poor configuration of Opera or an individual ISP/DNS problem. Therefore, when reporting NPV problems, it is finally important to note the region/geographical nation in which the user is located (although it is not always recommended to do so from a “closed” region).

Simple steps to repair Opera VPN that is not connected or does not work.

Enable and disable the VPN several times

If the Opera VPN takes a long time and continues to display the connection signals, turn the VPN off and on again. The VPN switching key is accessible via the VPN option at the top of the browser on the right side of the URL bar.

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This is a temporary solution and you may need to perform the same function when you close the Opera browser.

Make sure Opera VPN is enabled.

1) Start the Opera web browser.

2) in the upper left corner click on the Opera logo with menu, then click on Settings or press Alt + P on your keyboard to access the settings.

3) The Preferences window opens.

4) Click on Privacy and Security in the left corner.

5) Scroll down to VPN and check VPN activation.

6) VPN is displayed in the address bar of Opera’s web browser.

Clear the Opera browser cache

In most cases, removing the browser cache can solve many problems, and this time it’s no different. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Del.

Feel free to check all the boxes to clear the cache completely. But the Pictures and cached files checkbox is very important.

  • Simply select the Start Time option from the drop-down menu. No, it will not allow you to see the Big Bang happen or God extinguish the world as we see it. But this will clear the entire cache since the computer was first used.
  • Simply press the Clear Navigation Data button, then restart the Opera browser.

Change the location of the VPN

Before trying technical methods, we will try to change the location of the VPN. Opera’s VPN has the ability to use a VPN in a specific location. If the VPN is not available for this particular location, Opera will not be able to connect to it. If you have selected another location here, try switching to the default location and if you are using the default location, switch to a specific location.

  1. Click on the VPN icon next to the website address.
  2. Once the window is open, click on Virtual Location and change your location.
  3. Once you have changed your location, save your changes and close the pop-up window. Now try to access the website again and see if the problem is fixed.

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