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“Connection timed out” is a network error in Chrome that occurs when a script exceeds the maximum delay value. If a client connection does not receive a response from the server after about 30 to 60 seconds, the load balancer closes the connection and the client immediately receives the error message. In most cases, the script is executed until it is finished, causes an error or expires on the server, but the client does not see the layout as expected and instead receives this error.

Methods for troubleshooting connection termination errors in Google Chrome:

Editing the Windows host file

Modify the host file

Another way to troubleshoot error connections that have been hidden in Google Chrome. You should check the hosts file when you see these error pages. These websites may have been blocked with the host file. To review and modify the Hosts file, proceed as follows.

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  • The location of the host file is C:\Windows\System32\Driver\etc.
  • In the “etc” folder, select the “hosts” file.
  • Right-click, then Open with Notepad or Notepad++.
  • You must delete all lines after the last hash.

LAN Settings – Proxy Settings

Another solution to correct connection errors that our Google Chrome has limited in time is to adjust the LAN settings. Most of the time, users will use proxy servers for the local network that will automatically detect the settings. In fact, you must disable these options. This can be useful.

  1. Go to the Control Panel, then Internet Options.
  2. You will see a menu with Internet options, select Connections, then LAN Settings.
  3. Now disable the option’Automatic detection settings’ and the option’Use proxy server for your local network’.
  4. Reboot your system once and check if you get the same error or not.

Try to delete the data from the browser.

Removing the things that have accumulated in each application usually solves most problems. In our case, the data collected is mainly browser history, cookies, automatic filling data and stored pages. You have to go!

  1. To delete the data from your browser, open the Chrome browser and select the History option from the menu. You can also use the familiar key combination CTRL+H.
  2. Then you will see an option on the left called Clear Navigation Data. Then click on it.
  3. Then select the start of the time from the drop-down menu next to the deletion of the following items.

Changing the PC default waiting time settings

Normally, the browser has a waiting time when it reacts to the website server. Browsers usually automatically display the connection timeout time. This serves as a warning if the server does not respond. If you wait more than 20 minutes, you know it’s a mistake on your favorite page.

Don’t worry about it! There is a way to solve this problem by changing the default value in Windows 10. In fact, it’s not complicated. Let’s try to fix it.

  • Search your PC for the search option and type regedit where you open the registry editor.
  • Then you must navigate to a specific path.
  • Simply add a D-Word to your subkey and call it The Receive Timeout.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

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