How to Repair Discord Error 1105

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Recently, some users complained about a bug preventing them from accessing Discord. Every time a user tries to access an application or the Discord website, the error code 1105 is displayed on the computer screen. This error has been reported in several versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The error message prompts the user to visit Cloudflare as the error may be related to a server problem. But there may be other reasons for this error. If you are struggling with the same problem, do not worry. Stay with us and learn more about this bug.

The most common cause of the 1105 Discord bug is a server problem. The server problem may directly affect Discord or Cloudflare (a network service used by Discord). Damaged application data can also significantly contribute to this error. Another reason for this error is the limited network space. Some places, such as schools and libraries, may prevent Discord from using public networks.

Now that you understand the reasons for the failure, you can move on to solutions.

Confirm if it is a server problem

The problem may occur if there is a basic situation with the Cloudflare server used by Discord. Therefore it is important to first check the Cloudflare and Discord status page to see if there is a problem with downtime.

Go to to get real-time reports on all errors, as well as on server failures and the progress of their elimination. For Cloudflare, you can check to see if your regional server is running correctly.

If one or both of these services fail, nothing can be done but wait for the company’s technicians to fix the problem. But if everything seems to be working fine, the problem could be yours. You can move on to the next solution.

Connect to another network

If you have this problem when you are connected to a network with restrictions (when you are connected to a school network, work network, hotel Wi-Fi or any other public network). If this scenario is applicable to your situation, you should test this theory by connecting to your home network and trying to access Discount again.

In case the 1105 error does not occur after you have connected to an unfiltered network (such as the one managed by your home router), the network administrator has probably imposed some restrictions on services like Discord which will show you how to use these types of services.

When you are sure that this is the case, you should check with the network administrator who restricts your access to the Discord application. However, if this restriction is imposed to limit the use of available bandwidth, your chances of unlocking Discord are slim.

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Clear these applications for Discord

If you fail to make the first two patches, your local data associated with the Discord application may be corrupted. Removing it may solve the problem so that you can access the Discord platform without errors.

To remove data from your Discord application, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Run” service program by simultaneously pressing the Windows Logo + R keys. In the text field insert% AppData% \ and then press Enter.
  • Browse to the Discord folder and double-click to open it. Find the folder with the cache and open it too.
  • Going to the Cache folder, click the first file you want to highlight and simultaneously press Ctrl + A to highlight everything. Right-click on any of the selected files and select “Delete” in the menu that appears.
  • When you are finished, go back to the Discord folder. This time, double-click the Local Storage folder to open it.
  • Repeat the process in step 3 to delete all files.
  • When you are finished, you can shut down and restart the system to make the changes take effect.

Switch to the VPN network

If you see error 1105, when you are connected to a network with limited access and it is impossible to bypass it, you can avoid the error imposed by the administrator, using a competent VPN.

By filtering your connection via VPN, you can avoid both restrictions imposed by the administrator and cases when this problem is caused by an ISP level 3 node.

When you are ready to go down this path, you will need to choose a VPN that meets your needs. There are many free options. However, if you want to use Discord primarily for games, we recommend you to choose the gaming VPN from our updated list.

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