How to Repair Brother Printer Offline or Paused

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If you can’t print to a Brother printer because of the message “Printer Offline or Paused”, learn how to disable the Brother printer or change its settings. Then you can connect the printer to the network again and print documents again. If you use your Brother printer offline, fix Windows.

Then, you can easily solve the problem with your printer offline, as there is a built-in feature to switch between offline so you can connect your Brother printer again.

However, if the problem is still unresolved, you may need to make the necessary configuration and installation changes to get your printer back to normal.

Checking the physical printer and cable connection

To solve this problem, you need to check the entire cable and physical connection of your printer. This is the easiest way to solve this problem. Pay attention only to the points described below.

If you are using a wired printer, make sure that both ends of the USB cable are securely connected and that the printer cable end is connected to multiple outlets or ports on your device.
If your printer is a networked printer, make sure the Ethernet cable is securely connected.
If you are using a wireless printer, make sure that your Internet connection is enabled and that you have an exact connection to your router. Checking the connection to your wireless printer can be a very difficult task. For example, if you are using a Brother DCP-L2541DW printer, you need to enter the configuration mode of your printer and confirm your network settings. This will help you determine the status of your network settings.

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Here are some connection tests that you need to perform. When a problem occurs, you need to restore the physical connection or the network connection.

Make sure that your Brother printer is set to the default.

  • If your printer (the one you use to print) is not set as the default printer, you may have a problem with your Brother offline printer.
  • To solve this problem, first install your Brother printer as the default printer.
  • Then, delete all previous print orders.

Delete all print jobs to solve the problem offline.

If you are still wondering, “Why does my Brother printer say it is off? Then I want to tell you that just one piece of paper or document is enough to turn off your printer. To solve this problem, you must remove all print jobs from your printer. This method allows you to clear all your print jobs and restart the printer model. To remove the print jobs, you need to do the following.

Step 1: Open the printer and the scanner.
Step 2: Now select your printer and click “Manage”.
Step 3: If you see that the “Cancel all documents” option is inactive, you should click “Open as administrator”.
Step 4: Click Open print queue.
Step 5: Click “Printer” at the top and then click “Cancel all documents”.
Step 6: Click Yes to complete the process.

Check if there are any paper jams.

Sometimes your printer does not work normally due to a paper jam. This can also be a problem when displaying the Office error on your Brother printer. To fix the error, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, check for a paper jam manually.
  • If you find that the paper is stuck between the rollers
  • If so, this is the cause of the Brother printer failure in offline mode.
  • Now turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  • Open your Brother printer to remove the rollers.
  • Now carefully remove the pinch rollers.
  • If this option is not available on your printer.
  • Then try to gently pull the paper
  • Once the paper is between the rollers
  • When you receive a print order and find that the problem repeats itself

The printer, which is regularly disconnected, occurs due to different conditions, especially due to problems with Wi-Fi, connection and power. A Brother standalone printer is no exception, because it also has problems.

Printer problems may be due to overload or driver problems, or there may be connectivity problems on the network, or a weak connection may be the cause. Problems can occur anywhere on the line, and you cannot rule out a hardware failure of the system. The problem is diverse and only a critical assessment can determine the actual cause so that corrective action can be taken.

Printers are sensitive devices that can easily react and send a “printer off” message even if the power supply is slightly different. This is common to all printers as a power outage will of course affect the performance of the device. In some cases, all you need is a simple restart of the device to bring it back online. However, if the problem occurs offline because the user has made changes to the computer, this is an acceptable problem.

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