How To Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen on Windows

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Update Windows 10. Type settings in the search bar.
update drivers. Type Windows Device Manager in the search bar.
Run the BSOD troubleshooter.
Run an SFC scan.
Launch DISM.
Check your hard drive.
Disable Microsoft OneDrive.
Remove the problematic software.

The PFN list is corrupted – this is one of the messages that appears when the system shows a BSOD. The most common causes are a faulty driver, a hard drive problem, and system corruption. 1. Update Windows and 10 of your drivers. 2. Run the BSOD Troubleshooter.

Stop code PFN LIST CORRUPT can be corrected. So PFN LIST CORRUPT is a blue screen error that prevents you from using your Windows 10 PC. It is usually caused by a software or hardware issue that you can resolve without contacting Microsoft technical support.


PFN_LIST_CORRUPT is one of the Blue Screen of Death errors in Windows. People meet them quite often, but the good news is that they do not fall into the group of fatal errors. The error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT indicates a problem with the page number (PFN). This is rendered from the PC hard disk to find all files on the physical hard disk.


In most cases, as already mentioned, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT BSOD is triggered by PFN corruption. However, there may also be problems with RAM or device drivers.

PFN is the abbreviation for Page Frame Number. This is a list that is used by the hard disk to find each file on the physical hard disk. The list can be damaged for many reasons, some of which may occur once in a lifetime and others may be persistent and need repair.

Disable/uninstall antivirus software


According to reports, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT BSOD can be triggered by third-party antivirus programs. So, if you are using Avast, Norton, Sophos, malicious bytes or any other third-party security tool, try disabling or temporarily uninstalling it.

At the same time, disable or remove applications that are responsible for PC optimization, ad blocking and other functions related to PC security and maintenance.

PFN_List_Corrupt can be created by two antivirus programs that simultaneously access the same physical disk space. Using Windows Defender with another antivirus program can cause these conflicts.

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Check your RAM

Windows Memory Diagnostics

Scan and check the memory using the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool by following these steps:

  • Press Windows + R > type mdsched.exe > press Enter.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the analysis.

If the blue screen error prevents you from starting Windows, you can try to start Windows in safe mode and run the scans from there. This should also allow you to copy data and perform other troubleshooting tasks.

If Windows does not even boot in safe mode, you can run these hardware scans from the BIOS of most computers. Simply reboot the computer and enter the BIOS to find the scan, or reboot the computer and look for on-screen instructions to scan the memory and disk.

Disable Microsoft OneDrive

Disable Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive has been part of the Windows Essentials suite for many years, but with the growing popularity of cloud storage, it has become a standard application on Windows 10. OneDrive is a great tool for working and sharing files with others, but unfortunately many users have reported that OneDrive can also cause PFN_LIST_CORRUPT errors. To solve this problem, you must disable OneDrive by following these steps:

  1. Press Windows + S and enter group policy. Choose Change Group Policy.
  2. When the Local Group Policy Editor opens, go to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administration Templates > Windows Components > OneDrive in the left pane.
  3. In the right pane, locate and double-click Prevent OneDrive for file storage.
  4. Select On and click Apply and OK to disable OneDrive.

The PFN_LIST_CORRUPT BSoD error can be problematic, but as this error is often caused by a software problem, it can easily be corrected by following one of our solutions.

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