How to Fix Apex Legends Error Code 100

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Error Apex Legends Code 100 continued to blink for a number of users during the game with menus and downloads or even in the middle of the game.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular free BR games. Released in early 2019 by EA and Respawn Entertainment, it gained huge popularity due to its dynamic and dynamic gameplay and was very different from typical Battle Royale games. The game has a character system, which includes a number of unique characters with their skills.

Although the game is a fairly fine-tuned Battle Royale game, it is still not insured from the most common mistakes and problems with the server. Error code 100 – one of these errors, as the game suffers from this problem since the last update of the name, and, according to some players, the error code is almost displayed on the screen. All the time.

Check for problems with the EA server

Before trying any of the following possible solutions, make sure the problem is not out of our control. As some other affected users have reported, this problem may also be due to problems with the servers that currently target EA servers.

That’s why you should start this troubleshooting guide by checking services such as DownDetector or IsTheServiceDown to see if other Apex players currently have the same error code 100.

In case EA is currently having problems with servers, one of the two directories above should provide sufficient evidence that the game is currently in the middle of a server problem.

If this scenario is applicable, the only thing you can do is wait for Respawn (developer of Apex Legends) to fix the problem.

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However, if you don’t see any potential problems with the server, move on to the next potential fix.

Switch to Google DNS on your PC

  • Press WIN + R to open the control box
  • Enter ncpa.cpl
  • Once a network connection is established, right-click on your Internet connection.
  • Open the properties menu and select IPv4 properties (Internet Protocol version 4).
  • Select “Use the following DNS server address” and enter the following options:
  • Preferred DNS server: 8.8.8
  • Alternative DNS server:
  • When you are finished, close all dialog boxes and restart your computer.

Switch to Google DNS on the Xbox One console

  • Go to network settings → Advanced settings → DNS settings.
  • Change the following settings:
  • Primary DNS: → Secondary DNS:
  • MTU Settings: Auto
  • DNS Settings: Manual
  • Proxy server: do not use
  • Reboot the console

If the problem does not disappear, it is an EA server problem.

Fix Apex Legends Error Code 100 on PlayStation 4

A bug fix on the PlayStation is very similar to a bug fix on an Xbox, but there are a few more steps to take, because it is not just a matter of changing DNS numbers.

  • Go to Settings “Network” Configure an Internet connection.
  • Choose the connection that you are using – be it a WLAN cable or a LAN cable.
  • Select “Custom” and enter the following options:
  • IP Address settings: automatically
  • DHCP hostname: do not specify
  • DNS Settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU Settings: automatically
  • Proxy server: do not use

Save these settings, and then return to the Home screen. As with Xbox, you may need to select “Close Application” on Apex Legends while it is running to get updated settings that will allow you to continue playing.

The Apex Legends 100 code is a fairly common problem for a game developed by Respawn, and fortunately this is not a bug for you, it’s a problem with the game. The problem can occur at any time and is accompanied by a bug report, just indicating that an error has occurred and you should make the bug later.

Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this problem.

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