How to Discover New Music on Spotify

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Spotify has over 30 million tracks and is a great place to discover new music if you don’t know what to listen to or where to find new music. Yes, it’s so boring to listen to old playlists you’ve added before. You need to discover something new to refresh yourself.

Spotify’s Discovery Features

In addition to the shared playlists created by the community and the company, Spotify offers several ways to recommend new music directly to you. As the world’s largest music streaming service, it has extensive data on all the music you’ve listened to and what other users are listening to. That’s why it has a strong set of search tools to help you find new songs or genres you might like.

Spotify’s discovery features include custom playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, suggestions for songs to add to your existing playlists and radio stations based on tracks, artists and albums. These change dynamically based on your listening habits or the songs you choose.

Spotify Radio Playlists

Choose a song, an artist or a playlist and we’ll play hours of similar music according to your tastes. For example, take “Crash into Me” by Dave Matthews Band and let yourself be carried away by a mix of Tom Petty, Dispatch and DMB: deep tracks you may have forgotten.

Follow a playlist to save it in your library and customize it further by liking or disliking the songs. On the desktop, go to Radio and click CREATE A NEW STATION. Enter a song, artist or playlist, and Spotify creates a station based on that music. Click NEXT to save the station to Stations in your library. If you don’t track the station, it will be deleted.

In the application, click Radio, then click New Station in the top right corner. Browse for a song, artist, or playlist and select the song you want to start with. On the Stations page, press NEXT to save it to your library under Stations.

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See “Related Artists”.

You may have noticed that you can find an artist on Spotify that lists tons of acts related to the sound of the artist you’re looking for in the Related Artists tab. Whenever I’m looking for an artist I really like, I always take a look at this section of their Spotify profile. In general, there are a lot of artists I already like, so it’s good if there’s someone I know less well, because chances are they’re a good candidate for me. If you’re actively looking for new artists to add to your music library, sit down and look for artists related to your current favourites and see what comes up.

Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly updates a playlist every Monday morning with 30 new tracks that Spotify’s algorithms think you’ll enjoy.

Every time you listen to a track, try a new artist, skip a song, listen to a song over and over again or do something else using the service, Spotify adds the information to your taste profile. This way Spotify quantifies the type of music you like.

Spotify takes this information and compares it with other similar profiles to determine what music you haven’t heard – or at least not for some time – that might be of interest to you. Some songs are from artists you’ve never heard of, while others are less well-known and are your favourite songs.

Social Networking

You can take full advantage of the social function to discover new music on Spotify.

Search for your playlist on Friendsʻs : You can link to your friends on Spotify and view the playlists they’ve provided. Then click the ‘Follow’ button to subscribe to a playlist you like.

Related artists or follow artists: You can follow your favourite artists or users on this page. Once you follow them, you can see all the songs they’ve shared. And you can find related artists on this page, but most of these related artists belong to the same genre and sound similar. If you want, you can also connect Spotify to Facebook if you have lots of friends who are active on Spotify and like to share.

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