How To Connect Surface to a TV Wirelessly

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All surface devices are typically connected to compatible displays via Miracast, a wireless standard that replicates the screen of a smartphone, tablet or PC to that of a TV without the need for physical cables. They can also be connected via the Microsoft Wireless Adapter. Here’s how to connect a Surface to a TV and what you can do once you set it up.

Share the contents of the Surface screen with the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Stream movies, view photos, or watch a presentation on the big screen, all wirelessly.

To Connect the Surface to a TV Wirelessly:

Connection via Microsoft Wireless Adapter

Chances are you’ll want to connect to a TV using the Microsoft Wireless Adapter, and it’s a great choice because it’s designed specifically for Windows 10 computers to work well.

Before we get started, we should point out that the adapter works best when connected to a charging port. Check to see if your TV has a USB port, then connect the USB section of the adapter to power it. If a USB port is available, connect it to an alternative power source, such as a battery, docking station or other.

Installing the Application

The first step is to install the Microsoft Wireless Adapter App on your surface computer. You can find it in the Microsoft Store and download and use it free of charge as intended. Make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft account before trying to download the application.

Connect to the adapter

OK, the HDMI end of the adapter should be inserted into the HDMI terminal of your TV or projector. From there, you need to set the input method of your TV to HDMI.

From the interface device, navigate to the Action Center and click Connect. You should now see a list of devices, so select the device named after your wireless adapter, and the list should complete immediately.

Connecting to Miracast

You must first check if your TV supports Miracast, and this can be done either through the manual or on the official website of the manufacturer. If everything is up to date, then let’s get serious, shall we?

What we need to do is visit the Action Center again and click on “Connect”. Wait until all available devices appear on the screen and select the device you want to connect to. Note that some devices may ask for a pin number before connecting, so please take this into account.


Once you connect your Surface Tablet to your TV, you can use it as a second screen, which means you can stream videos wirelessly, view family photos, give a PowerPoint presentation, and more. You can also move applications between your Surface and your TV or use two or more applications side by side.

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