Sookasa: HIPAA compliant secure drop box file encryption tool

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You can secure your drop box files with transparent encryption on the HIPAA and FERPA compliant device. This is a transparent file encryption layer for cloud services such as Dropbox. It is aimed at consumers, businesses and enterprises that want to continue using their favorite cloud services, but are concerned about the security or compliance of their data. It is completely transparent and easy to use, allowing users to continue using their preferred productivity services.

Dropbox file encryption tool

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then select your plan. You can continue with a free trial version that turns into a free plan at the end of the trial period.

Then you must

Finally, you must on your Windows computer the folder appears as a normal folder on your file system, and you can use any native application such as Microsoft Office, etc. to open, edit and save files.

When a user attempts to open an encrypted file, the application communicates with its web server in the background to check if the user and device have permission to open that file. If you do, the file will open – otherwise, you will receive a message from our application indicating that access has been denied.

protects files not only on the drop box, but also on all devices with which the drop box synchronizes files (e.g. desktops, laptops, mobile devices). Users must regularly re-enter their password before opening a file. In addition, users can immediately remove access to a device in the event of loss or theft (via the online dashboard: without re-encrypting anything and it ensures that even if a device is lost and removed from the line, it is still protected.


active HIPAA and FERPA with a circle of trust of colleagues and partners using normal dropbox and file sharing folders. You can add other internal colleagues as team members or external as partners on Sookasa’s Personal dashboard tab ( As soon as you add other people to the system, you can exchange encrypted files with them via a drop box (or webmail) without having to exchange passwords or private keys. If you delete a partner or team member, that person loses access to the files (when they try to open a file that belongs to you, they receive a denial-of-access message) without having to re-encrypt the data.

Users do not lose access to their data if they forget their password or credentials. Data encryption keys are not linked to the user’s password, so the user can reset his password at any time.

and sharing via dropbox

is easy ! There are two main steps:

Step 1 Cooperation via the People

Dashboard tab. Select Add People:

You will be asked if the person you want to add is part of your business. If they are part of your company, they will be added as team members. If they are outside your company, they are added as partners. Whether you add them as team members or partners, you can invite them by entering their email address. When you register, you will be asked to accept your invitation and become your teammate / partner. If you miss this part when logging in – you can always return to the People tab and accept your invitation from there.
encrypted files as soon as you interact with them via Dropbox !

Subfolder to Dropbox


You can create a new folder to share or share an existing folder.You will be redirected to the deposit box website, where you can invite members to the file by entering their email address associated with their deposit box account.

As soon as you invite members to the file, they will receive an e-mail notification. A click on the invitation folder leads to the drop box website, where the invited person can accept the invitation.
You can also find the invitation in the sidebar under Share on

folder and choose Move.

(1), Header to

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