Hide your Phone Number In Telegram

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Among the many instant messaging applications available, one of the most widely used is certainly Telegram, which is considered Whatsapp’s number one competitor. Over time, the application has attracted the attention of many users with the addition of some very interesting new features. In this new tutorial, we will explain step by step how to hide your number on Telegram easily and quickly, and we will give you some useful tips, among other things, to protect you from prying eyes by significantly increasing the level of privacy. Let’s see how we will proceed together.

Who Sees my Number on Telegram

The ability to hide your phone number in the telegram came with the release of the latest update at the end of last week. True, hiding your phone number doesn’t get you everything. If another user has your number, they will still see it, just as you can see your number if it is registered in your address book on your phone.

Telegram is More Private than other Messengers

While WhatsApp has the only subscriber identity – the phone number – Telegram offers more anonymity and allows you to use either your phone number or a username. Those who do not have your number in their contacts can contact you using your unique username.

Most importantly, they will not know your phone number, even after you have placed a call, if you have configured the application correctly. If your partner knows your number, it does not mean that you will see their number.

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How to Hide your Phone Number In Telegram

When you start sending messages to other users by telegram, certain circumstances determine whether or not someone can see your phone number. If you give someone your new username and tell them to send you a message by telegram, they will not see your phone number.

However, if you already have that person in your contacts to whom you have granted access to the telegram, that person will see your number. There is a way to change this if you wish. This feature preserves privacy, but even if you don’t want someone to see your number, that’s fine.

  1. Launch the telegram application on your device The icon is blue with a white paper airplane in the middle.
  2. when you start the application, you will see all the message threads you have created. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen to open a menu that appears on the left side of the screen.
  3. In the top half of the screen you will see your account information, and in the bottom half of the screen you will see tabs containing the settings you need to navigate. From these tabs, tap Privacy and Security to access the settings menu for that part of your settings.
  4. Once you’re on this tab, you’ll see a list of privacy options. Tap the tab labeled “Phone Number”.
  5. Now enter the location where you can decide who can see your phone number. Select “Person” to maximize privacy. This way, they will not be able to see your phone number, even if you add them as a contact.

How To Avoid Giving Out Your Number

If you read the above carefully, you will see that it is impossible to sign up for the Telegram without giving out a phone number. The fact is that it does not have to be YOUR number. Since Telegram uses the number only for initial account verification, you do not need to give them a number that is in any way linked to you, except that you must have access to it once you have opened the account. There are several ways to set up the telegram without leaving any trace of your real identity.


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