Gimp Themes v1.0 for Windows

The Story
Ever since i started using Gimp 5 months ago i was annoyed by the fact we couldn’t use the lovely themes available to linux based users.
then the other day i noticed how had gotten GTK which runs Linux themes for numerous Os’s/applications including gimp, so i did a few google searches, and it turns out that its nothing new just not many know about it, Alexander Shaduri from has compiled GTK and its Preference Tool to run under windows operating systems for a while now.

i then for my own use looked into how Gimpohoto did there’s and then re-did my own using newer versions of GTK from,it wasn’t easy as i thought, it has a few files that need to be put in different locations in gimp’s folder for it to work but thats the good news because i’ve created an installer package that installs all the files in the right place with a click of a button 🙂

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