Fixed full screen problems in Windows 10 when playing games, movies, etc.

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Some applications only appear in full screen mode. When you watch a movie or play a game, you want to use the entire screen for the application. However, some users of Windows 10 operating systems complain that they face different types of problems and full-screen problems with Windows 10. Sometimes it does not switch to full screen mode, sometimes full screen mode only covers part of the screen, while at other times it only goes into a maximized window. Let’s take a look at some steps that can help you solve the problem.

Windows 10 full screen

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Make sure the game’s full screen setting is enabled

Updating the operating system is sometimes a terrible task, and some things go wrong. If you cannot run games in full screen mode, you should check the game settings. Most games have the setting to enable/disable full screen mode. See the full screen mode status in games that cannot play in full screen. If it’s off, turn it on.

Note that not all games offer the frame, but most games. While you are at it, you can also check the resolution. Try changing the game resolution in the game settings several times to see if it works. First try increasing the resolution, then see if problems and problems with Windows 10 disappear in full screen mode. If the default increase or resolution does not work, try slightly reducing the resolution to see how it affects full screen mode. If you see an improvement, you can reduce it a little more to see if you can play it in full screen without losing details.

Check Windows 10 display properties

Each operating system has a default resolution. When upgrading to the previous resolution, the resolution already set is transferred to new installations. With clean installations, the operating system determines the best resolution for your screen and adjusts it to what it thinks is best. If this screen resolution conflicts with the game resolution, you may not be able to play in full screen mode.

For minimum resolution supported by a game, see system requirements. It could be printed on the game DVD. Once you have downloaded the game, look for an email confirming your purchase. If you still cannot find the system requirements, contact Customer Service.

The summary in this section is that if you have problems with Windows 10 in full screen mode, you should check if Windows 10 supports the resolution required for the game. Assuming the game requires 360p and Windows 10 is 780 (by default, Windows 10 1024 x 768 is for normal displays), there will be a conflict. You will then need to see if your copy of Windows 10 can reduce the resolution to 360. If this is not the case, you always get the game in windowed mode. You may or may not be able to maximize the window.

Another feature of this section is that most games still run at lower resolutions, while most modern operating systems, like Windows 10, support much higher resolutions. This could be one of the reasons why you cannot play in full screen mode under Windows 10.

Update your video card drivers

You may need to update your video driver. If you upgrade using a clean installation, Windows 10 installs generic drivers for most of your hardware. You can try installing the original device driver if you still have it. It has helped some users. If installing the original device drivers does not help, you can also try your luck by updating the latest device driver software available on the manufacturer’s website.

Windows 10 text and font size

It can make no difference if nothing works. I don’t think it’s gonna change anything. If the font size on your Windows 10 computer is set to over 100%, some users have reported problems and problems with Windows 10 in full screen mode.

Many users often increase the font size with the cursor in the display properties to slightly increase it so that the new user interface is not too heavy for the eyes. Click on Settings then on System in the window that appears. The very first option in the left area is called Display. When you select this option, check the right pane to see if the display is enlarged or reduced. If this is not the case, move the cursor to make sure that the display fonts are set to 100% and not more.

You can also try changing the default display if you use more than one.

Let us know if any of the above issues resolve your Windows 10 full screen.

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