Fixing Dragon Ball FighterZ Failed to Initialize Network

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The animation “Dragon Ball” has millions of fans around the world. It is one of the most popular Japanese anime franchises in the world. Dragon Ball FighterZ game did not require much effort to gain popularity. Many anime fans were attracted by the concept of the game, and they immediately plunged into it. This made the game very popular in a short time.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball FighterZ was often criticized for the error “It was not possible to initialize the network. Many players claimed that the game does not play because of this error and that it is very frustrating, as the reason is usually unknown. Do not worry if you encounter this error. You are in the right place. We are going to show you how to solve a network problem without initializing Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Failed to Initialize Network

The “Failed to initialize network” error occurs when the client cannot connect to the server so that you can select or join a certain lobby. While there are offline lobbies (press Y or triangle after the region selection screen), the game cannot take you far enough to get to them. Usually these problems occur when the Xbox Live or PSN is not working or the servers are under maintenance, but there is a workaround.

To bypass the network problem, disable your Internet connection in the console settings menu and restart the game. Since there is no internet connection, you will be asked if you want to play in the offline lobby and you can continue. However, you will not be notified when the servers connect to the network again. All you have to do is periodically log out of the game, re-enable your network settings, and then try to connect to the Dragon Ball FighterZ servers.

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In most cases this will be a Sony or Microsoft service, but we also know that users have had network problems in the game. Bandai Namco will fix the problems with the server as soon as possible, but for now make sure to check out our team description, as well as the attacks for each character and the mechanics of the universal system in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game center!

Identify the cause of the problem

To see what is happening and find a solution, you need to determine the cause of the failure.

If the Dragon Ball FighterZ servers are down or undergoing maintenance, you and all other players who have received this error will not be able to play this game at this time. So you can contact the Dragon Ball FighterZ support team to find out if this is the case. In this case you can just wait for the servers to be online. Since the developers will not notify you when the problem is solved, don’t forget to check regularly to see if it works.

If other people can log in and play the game without any problems, it looks like the problem is on your computer. You can choose another region and see if you can play the same way. If it is unavailable or has not solved your problem, something must be done on your computer. Then go to fix 2.

Turn your system off and on again.

Before moving on to advanced workarounds, we recommend that you fully restart the router and the entire system. It is known that routers and consoles with poor configuration can go into an error state. In this solution we are going to reboot the router. If this does not work, we will consider resetting the router to its default settings.

Shut down the router, computer / console. Now take the main power and hold the power button for about 2-3 minutes.
Now wait for 5-8 minutes before reconnecting the power supply and turning on the devices. Now try to connect to the network after sending and see if the problem is solved.

Update Windows or Game to the latest version

One more thing to remember is that Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently in beta testing and is undergoing several changes every day. Therefore, the game developers guarantee that the game is optimized for the latest version of Windows. We came across several users who could not play the game under Windows 7 or 8. These versions can run the game from compatibility mode, but they still have problems. In this solution, we will move on to the Windows update settings and make sure that we upgrade to the latest version.

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