Fixing Comment Failed to Post on YouTube

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Have you ever tried to reply to a comment on YouTube and received the error message “Comment failed to post”?

What a pain this error is! Especially because it affects YouTube SEO and affects your ability to build relationships with your viewers and make money online.

Fortunately for us, the solution to this annoying error message “Comment failed to post” is extremely simple!

Believe it or not, the solution is to simply let the video run for a few seconds before posting your comment. We can only assume that the reason YouTube implemented this error message is to reduce the amount of spam comments.

Disable ad blockers

Ad blockers are your enemies. Most websites limit their functionality to systems that use ad blockers. The same is true for YouTube. Because they earn money from ads, they prevent many features from being accessed by systems and browsers that use ad blockers.

Disable Extensions in your Browser or Use InPrivate or InCognito Mode

Many extensions to your browser, especially those related to security and ad blocking, limit the functionality of websites, one of which is under discussion. Therefore, remove such extensions, at least temporarily, to isolate the case.

If you are unsure which extensions should be disabled, you can try opening the browser in InPrivate or InCognito mode to isolate the cause.

Publish the comment for some time after playing the video

YouTube continually strives to prevent spammers from posting comments. One such step is to prevent the user from posting the comment on a video if the video has not played or has not played properly for a few seconds. In this context, playing the video for at least one minute and then posting the comment can solve the problem.

  • Open YouTube and play the problematic video.
  • Now let the video play for at least one minute (no forwarding) and then check if you can post the comment (without pausing the video).
  • If not, try pausing the video at the exact time you want to comment, and then see if you can post the comment.

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Wait for the ads to end

Sometimes when you try to reply to your video, and YouTube plays an ad on your video that does not allow you to post a comment because it thinks the video is playing in the background for no reason. So if you see the red error message “Cannot post comment”, just view the video, play the ad, and let us finish. If there’s a button to add a script, you can click it to display the correct tab as a valid interaction. YouTube doesn’t like being ignored!

So if there is an ad, you don’t have to click on it, just let it play to see if it fixes the problem. You can try reloading the page again and do the same to see if it works. Usually it fixes the problem in no time.

Logging out and logging in

Sometimes YouTube tends to forget the authority of people who have been logged in for a long time. So to refresh the algorithmic memory of the thing, all you have to do is log out of your account and log in again. This will definitely solve the problem of the comment field.

Try a different platform

Besides the web version, YouTube can be accessed with the Andriod and iPhone applications. The current output could be platform-specific, e.g. the output could only appear on the web version of Windows. In this context, the attempt of another platform to publish comments on YouTube videos could solve the problem.

If the problem occurs in a browser, try using a mobile application (Android app or iPhone app).
If the problem occurs in a mobile application, try the web version of YouTube.

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