Fixing Cannot Download or Istall Antivirus Software on Windows 10

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Today, people perform a variety of essential tasks and shopping on the Internet. Technology makes it easier and more convenient for us to pay our bills, communicate with people abroad and search for the items we need. However, if you learn more about the different ways your computer can be hacked, you will certainly be alarmed. In today’s dangerous digital age, of course, you wouldn’t use your PC without a reliable antivirus program.

System updates generally provide improvements and better functionality. However, many users have complained that Windows 10 stops installing antivirus programs. In most cases, third-party software should work properly with this operating system. On the other hand, you may encounter the following problems when installing antivirus software:

  • You cannot install anti-malware or antivirus software on your Windows 10 computer. The program may not be compatible with your PC.
  • Malware or viruses can block the installation process. A backup disk must be used on another computer to solve the problem.
  • Damaged files can prevent you from installing your antivirus. This can be corrected by running the SFC and DISM scans.
  • Third-party applications can also block the installation process. In this case, the removal of such programs would solve the problem.

Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a famous computer security application, it is Microsoft’s integrated security tool that is able to protect your Windows 10 if no other antivirus software is installed on your system. This software should not cause problems with third-party antivirus software, but it is possible that some functions of the antivirus software may conflict with Windows Defender. Try to disable Windows Defender and follow the steps below to disable Windows Defender.

Step 1: Go to Application Settings to Update and Security to Go to the Windows Defender tab

Step 2: Uncheck the Real-time protection box to win Windows Defender 10

After that, your Windows Defender is disabled, try again to install an antivirus program.

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Make sure you have not installed any other antivirus programs.

You should know that two antivirus programs do not work well together, so if you already have another antivirus installed, you should uninstall it before trying to install the new one. You may not even know that you have another antivirus on your computer because it may be available as a “bloatware” with other software that you have intentionally installed. Then go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, and if you have another antivirus installed, simply uninstall it and try to reinstall the antivirus you want.

Make sure that the antivirus program you want to install is compatible with Windows 10 or not.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system, so there are many antivirus programs that are not compatible with this operating system. We therefore recommend that you ensure that your antivirus program is compatible or not with Windows 10. Visit the official website of your antivirus software and read the Compatibility section.

Download the security software in its own boot state or in safe mode.

If you don’t have another computer nearby, start in safe mode with Network or Clean Boot State, then see if you can download the antivirus software. If possible, use it to perform a complete analysis during the start-up process.

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