Fixing a Computer With No Power or Won’t Turn On

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I know it can freak you out if you find out that your computer stays dead after pressing the power button, and I also know that most of the time, you worry people about their lost data if there is really only a 0.5% chance.

So let me help you with this tutorial so that you can more easily test your PC and find the real problem. By “dead computer” I mean when your computer is really dead and nothing appears on your screen without any sign of power.

If you are not sure if the computer is on or not, you can check this by locating all the fans on the computer or those that are visible from the outside. When these fans are running, the computer is powered up and this document may not apply to your problem.

Instead of panicking immediately, take a look at your PC and its connected components. In particular, check the following points:

  • Are other electronic devices working? If the power goes out completely, they won’t work that well.
  • Check the power supply to the PC. Make sure that the cable is not lost. Also make sure that the power connection works by testing it with another electronic device.
  • PCs usually have an on/off switch on the back. Make sure the switch is in the On position.
  • Check that the PC monitor is powered on and that the connection to the PC is secure.
  • Check the power and reset buttons on the front panel. Do they look fixed or irrelevant?

To repair a computer that shows no sign of power

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Check third-party hardware.

If you have recently added hardware to your computer, it is recommended that you temporarily disconnect or delete it to ensure that it is not the cause of your problem.

If the computer was working well before you added the new hardware, and the computer does not beep but turns on, consult the POST troubleshooting steps.

Use of a paper clip to test a power supply

The paper clip test, also known as the jumper test, allows you to check the operation of the power supply if it is disconnected from the components of a PC. This test will reveal some common problems:

  • Short-circuits inside the power supply
  • Defective components
  • A live connection

First, you want to turn the switch on the back of the power supply to the off position. (O should be “down”)

Locate the 20+4P connector (24-pin). Fold the paper clip and insert one end into the green pin (PS_ON) and the other end into one of the black pins (ground).

Remove the battery

Remove the main battery from the laptop or tablet and use only the AC power supply. Yes, it is very good to use your laptop without a battery installed.

If your computer turns on after trying it, it means that your battery is the cause of the problem and you should replace it. Until it is replaced, you can use your computer as long as you are near an electrical outlet!

Change the CMOS battery.

Replace the CMOS battery, especially if your computer is more than a few years old or has spent a lot of time with it, turned off or with the main battery removed. Believe it or not, a defective CMOS battery is a relatively common cause of a computer that does not seem to be powered.

A new CMOS battery will cost you well under US$10 and can be recovered almost anywhere batteries are sold.

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